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  1. I'd love to play Warframe without the minimap.


    Not without looking at it but with it gone.


    I agree with OP, DE should implement a way for players to learn where to go without using the map. The Dead Space style:




    It should be optional, look subtle rather than too intrusive and not be there the whole time (like show up every 5 secs or be toggled by player).


    This is exactly what I'm talking about when I say tethered to the player and the objective. 


    Something like this but  not as obtrusive even though I wouldn't mind something like this one bit


    I say we try to keep this thread going as long as possible if more peeps agree and share their ideas I hope they implement something :)


    I bet DE would do it right !

  2. I feel as though I am completely taken away from the immersion of the game (what immersion it has anyway) most of time simply because I am staring at my minimap trying to figure out which way to go rather then actually looking forward and slicing and dicing my way through. Bottom line I think this can all be fixed by some type of line or mission tracker that tethers you to the mission objective, something faint and somewhat none obtrusive.


    Basically it tells you where to go (it could be an option to turn it on or off) without ever having to look at your minimap.. I really think this would be such a QOL improvement in the game and people would much rather stare at a objective line instead of staring at the minimap.


    Anyone wanna throw their 2 cents into this idea? 

  3. So here is the support ticket (with emails as -----) I just wrote and I'm wondering if anyone else has had this problem after not logging in for a while. 


    Or anyone has a solution since I'm assuming the ticket is going to take a while to process.



    So I have reset the pword on this and my other account several times, its the ONLY way I can get into the account. Every time I try to access my accounts via the login page OR the steam launcher I get the "Too many login attemps, please try again later" I can wait a day and then it says "Something went wrong unexpected error something something" Then when I try again it says "Too many login attemps, please try again later" ITS DRIVING ME NUTZ! Lol.. Anyway I would like to attempt to find my account linked to steam and also CHANGE the email of whatever account that is to my primary email since I havent used the emails of the warframe logins in a year. I have NO idea what to do at this point since I have tried everything. PLEASE contact me at ----- since I no longer use the emails tied to this account or the one at ----- / -----


    Thanks. I hope we can resolve this soon before the steam sale ends on warframe packs :(

  4. Honestly I think they should just give the players who want to transfer over to the pc version the choice to do another hard reset or maybe make it mandatory and reimburse platinum based on not how much they have spent but at the cost of everything that was acquired - IE: you have not spent any platinum but you have obtained rhino / mag through gameplay and farming, you then get reimburse for the set platinum price on those warframes or weapons and so on and so on.


    Then they just give the platinum to whatever account it is on the ps4.


    That is just my opinion, think it would make "transferring" much more simple.

  5. I think the consumables should be more balanced price wise. I think one artifact i would like is.. Auto loot; Picks up mods.


    I think auto loot should already be in game..heh, this jetison loot that tends to fly into space has got to go.

  6. Before glaive update:




    After Glaive update:


    Community: OMG...... NO NO NO... WHAT U TURNING INTO!!




    After this update:






    Did a lot of things that the community loved didn't ya.... Rhinos..... Banshees..... Item prices........... Vauban Alerts...... Lmao.


    Sorry for the sarcasm. I'm a sarcastic person. Hue hue.


    I agree but you should have done this thread a little more professionally haha :P but +1 for its intention


    I think this should probably be highlighted. It's true that the "best" warframes and weapons depends on your own playstyle and preferences, but if we're explicitly talking defense missions, there's some things most of us agree work better than others.


    Nobody's mentioned Nyx yet. Even though Chaos now has a timer, it's still one of the best things you can use on a defense mission. Nobody's mentioned Frost, and the casting of Snow Globe over a cryopod. Vauban's great for defense, yes, but Nyx and Frost were rocking this long before Vauban came along.


    Similarly, while ammo efficiency does matter, it's slightly less important in a defense context where you will have access to lots of ammo drops.


    Good idea, I've now highlighted that part.


    I have heard great things about nyx even after the timer was implemented.. How long is the timer anyway? Also how big is the radius on it?

  8. I already know I should play what suits me or my play style, that wasn't the question. The question was in your opinion the best Solo Frame / Weapon and why?


    For instance. I think Vauban makes a fairly good solo frame due to Tesla, run threw a pack of mobs and drop tesla, turn around and shoot while its being shocked to S#&$.


    Although hes not very good at soloing defense missions because the starting range on his vortex is horrible, not to mention how long it lasts.

  9. So I'm coming up to about 700 plat left from buying the masters pack and was just wondering what I should spend my remaining plat on as far as Weapons / Warframes....


    What is in your opinion the best Solo Frame and Weapons..


    Were talking Pluto defense missions up to at least wave 10-15 with as much ease as possible!


    I currently have



    Vauban / Mag / Rhino / Excalibur Prime



    Grakata / Skana Prime Sword / Scindo (Manticore) / Braton / Lex

  10. In Entropia Universe someone spent $10k for his own planet with a night club. Many spent hundreds for land mass, shops, gear and thousands for shuttles and limited banking licenses. There are ways for games to make serious money with exclusives. But it causes lots of Wineage being poured on the forums which can be problematic especially when a game is still in beta. Before trying to worry about profits they should instead focus on getting the game beyond the beta stage. As long as this game remains in beta people will be less inclined to buy plat on a continual basis.


    sheesh.. 10k... X_X that's pretty intense.

  11. Tera EU just released a Limited Time Box which can Contain by like a 0.5% chance a permanent Elin Maid Costume.


    Hundreds and Hundreds of ppl spent 150-200$ in 1 day just so they can get it.


    In my experience, if some1 wants something badly, he will buy it.


    Also the Moral of this story? If theres a guy who won't spend a dime, 2 will come who spend hundreds.


    You're right to say that if some one with spare Money wants something bad enough he will buy it.


    However if you noticed I said the Average Gamer. It's pretty clear that the Average gamer would be much more content with the EMP pricing options.


    EMP can be bought in 10$ 20$ 40$ and 100$ Increments. Which appeals to most non rich people. Not 5$ 10$ 30$ 50$ 100$ 200$

  12. Just give them a certain amount of plat according to the price change, no money refund necessary.


    Although I'm sure somewhere in there EULA/Purchasing agreement or whatever its called says all plat purchases are final.

    So if they want to change the prices they could.

  13. I'd say the average gamer likes to spend roughly 15 - 20 bucks on games a month.

    15-20 Dollars for a subscription (eve online in my case)...

    20 Dollars for a game on sale in Steam (borderlands 2 was 75% off not to long ago!!)..

    20 Dollars on some cosmetic items in an Asian grind fest..


    All in all.. 20 bucks is what players will more than likely spend on a game they enjoy and feel as though there getting their moneys worth.


    30 Dollars for 570 plat, as many have pointed out, is really limiting your consumer base..


    Drop the 30$ to 20$ and adjust the other prices accordingly (with more pricing options) and bam, I'm sure your gonna have a lot more people paying for plat outside of the founders pack!


    This is just my opinion on what I have been reading on the forums.


    MindlessWar mentioned an alternative, lowering the prices on the market as a whole by a fixed percentage would also do the trick. Great addition to the thread.

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