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  1. I'd like to throw around some ideas for new game modes, partially based on Tennocon 2021 and partially from older ideas.... Be the grineer or corpus: PVEVP..... You could have something similar to invasions, except *instead of* playing as a warframe spanking the grineer or corpus, you play as a corpus or grineer fighting against other players mixed in with NPCs. Only a few of the fighters are player controlled (the rest are NPCs that fight alongside you). It would be vaguely like PVE mixed with PVP. Maybe add in some command elements to make it more interesting than a standard corpus/grineer slugfest. Grineer/Corpus grunt ops.... Jump into grineer or corpus as a support unit for operations elsewhere, kinda like the frames on the ground were for Scarlet Spear. This could lend itself to New War being part of a "living world" type of war. Be the stalker: PVP invasions Give PVP players a reason to use their PVP mods, etc, (or non-conclave players a reason to get into it) by playing as stalker when he jumps in to get revenge on a tenno in PVE. The synergies of rewards could be interesting: unique stalker mods that could be used in conclave and conclave mods that could be used as stalker. It's possible that you'd need to make stalker less of a bullet sponge at higher level, since now that'd be offset by having an AI (human) that isn't braindead. Also, it'd make both stalker and conclave more interesting....
  2. I guess I never noticed. Maybe I just don't get multiple procs in normal play. The only procs that I can recall killing me are toxin (the few times I don't notice it and die) and radiation (instant death in a squad). By far, the most dangerous enemy in the game is your fellow squadmates with a rad proc. But it's usually a mystery to everyone why we all die except one, until someone notices we're all getting rad procs.
  3. Getting shot on your shield and getting shot on your frame (to health) have very noticeable visual cues. Procs don't. The worst is radiation. Most tenno never realize they've gotten a radiation proc and then wonder why their squad suddenly died. One person in my clan said the "screen changes color"; the rest of the clan (including myself) have never noticed such a change in visuals. This honestly just makes a lot of frustration with the gameplay mechanics when terrible consequences seem to happen at random with the affected user and the affected squad being baffled at the results (yer squad suddenly dead). The only procs that have a good visual cue are heat and electric: your frame becomes sparkly. This is ironic since those procs don't have much real practical effect. These are the two procs that reliably crowd-control the enemy, yet they are meaningless when they affect our frames. No change to movement or anything. IMHO, that was an odd choice. IMHO, every proc that lands on a warframe should have *some* *noticeable* visual representation. I shouldn't have to constantly flick my eyes searching for tiny red icons in the corner of the screen. EDIT: and especially for radiation, it would help if there's a visual clue for squadmates when their buddy gets a rad proc....
  4. TYPE: In gameDESCRIPTION: Yareli shoots through enemies instead of hitting them.REPRODUCTION: Get on Yareli's second ability, ride up to an enemy (especially one trapped with her first ability), shoot thru the chest, watch no damage happen, beam goes thru their chest (tenet cycron)EXPECTED RESULT: enemy gets hurtOBSERVED RESULT: secondary weapon beam goes thru enemy chest like they're not there REPRODUCTION RATE: ~5% (tested on kuva survival)
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