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  1. Things I like about the new update (so far): Command is decent enough to be useful. I can pretty safely leave my ship to do an objective and have my engineers repair any ruptures so my ship doesn't die. Gunners feel fairly good, pilots are better than standing still. I also like their banter in the missions They feel a little long, but I like some of the new modes in RJ. Wouldn't mind seeing some of them as main game mission types. New tile sets are really cool looking Things I don't like (so far): Multiplayer RJ is still terrible. Not even talking bug wise, bu
  2. Since the various Railjack updates, taken at face value I actually quite like railjack, at least in a solo setting. Nice amount of challenge in solo, though I've had mixed experiences in groups. The main issue with it is a lack of content. Lack of modes, lack of reason to do it. Once you get through the RJ star chart, all that's left is the handful of weps and the anomaly stuff, which are finite rewards. I have all that I care to get for it personally, so it's just intrinsics, which are mostly useless atm. The modes and changes planned seems like it'll do a lot, but if rewards aren't the
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