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  1. So after finishing some sisters I wanted to get the new Kuva weapons and noticed the murmer progress as well as the meter to lure them out is as slow as pre update. Why is that? Are only the sisters faster?
  2. Here is how it works. Capturing wildlife rewards you with those tags. To get a Vulpaphylse or Predasite you need to capture a weakened one. This means they need to get attacked by enemies before you capture them.
  3. You always get the tags when you capture wildlife on deimos.
  4. For the normal content any weapon works well if you have the mods installed. You will also need to use multiple Formas to be able to use all the mods at max rank. Could you share your current build with us?
  5. I guess the script to fix the missing Kavat colors failed.
  6. None of the colors come up when I try to find them. Should I contact support?
  7. If that's the case then I don't have any of those colors. Also looking at the preview images for the prime accessories none of the colors look blue so not sure if one named Naru Blue was one of them 😵
  8. I just got the accessories and trying to identify the colors that come with the pack. According to the picture there are supposed to be 4 but I only found 3. Earth Brown, Gallium Grey and Orokin Gold. There is supposed to be another red color which doesn't seem to be in my inventory. Does anyone else have this problem?
  9. The minus damage against Corpus is indeed not so nice so we can already agree that the Riven is not worth as much as the one you saw for 1200 plat. The two similar Rivens you found have been in the market for > 1 month, meaning it can range anywhere from 1 month - 1 year. So my guess is their Rivens are overpriced and/or nobody is looking for those stats. In my opinion no Cernos Riven ever should be worth over 1k platinum unless you find a hardcore Cernos fan who wants a god Riven. Realisticly I would say the Riven shouldnt sell for over 400-500 but thats just my feeling. Unrolled Cernos Rivens aren't that expensive and rolling similar strong Rivens should not take so long.
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