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  1. Today I was doing the sortie solo as Octavia, and had a mobile defense objective in the reworked tile with the hidy hole. I noticed Octavia's deployable skills: 1, 2, and 4, will very often fall through the floor or just vanish on cast. This now happens all over in the tile, but it was especially bad near the foot of the stairs leading up to the platform above the big spherical tank. I then tested the room in survival. It felt like maybe 50% of my casts just vanished unless I made sure to cast all three skills on the same spot if I found a place on the floor they wouldn't vanish. Also teste
  2. This has happened twice today and I've never encountered this bug before. After switching to trade chat, I've lost all control over my character and the UI has become totally unresponsive, including some parts vanishing. Both times it happened, I was switching back to trade chat that had already been open for awhile (5 min or so). Once was from switching to trade chat from another chat channel as soon as I entered my dojo, and the other was after closing the trade interface and trade chat already being the selected tab, also while in a dojo. As I was typing this it happened again. I
  3. I just tried this combo out, Energized munitions and the augment Wild Frenzy for Grakata. While munitions is active, it causes the secondary fire on grakata to not work right. Instead of dumping the clip, it stops at certain intervals. These intervals seem to not be random, as it ALWAYS stops with 90 rounds left, then 68, then 51, and so on. Towards the end of the clip, it only fires a few rounds at a time. As soon as munitions wears off, the problem goes away. Tested only on Prisma Grakata, and both inside and outside the simulacrum. Tested on multiple frames and all the same result. I h
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