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  1. The Ropalolyst boss fight in Steel Path has some major bugs. - Sometimes the Ropalolyst goes too far, and stays there so it is impossible to ride it. - Many times Operator Void dash does not work at all. - When the Ropalolyst looses it's health you have too short amount of time to activate the console before It regenerates it's health back. - Many occasions when the player's health is gray so when you supposed to be invulnerable, the Ropalolyst can still damage your health and kill you. Example: Rolling Guard, or when you are in Operator mode and your Warframe is stationary behind.
  2. So I know this topic was already a topic once, but I have to say I love Kitguns even if they look a little bit basic... That would be awesome if we could sacrifice a good looking weapon and use it as a skin on the rest of our weapons from the same class :) What do you think guys? :D
  3. Please don't Nerf Gaze, I have 3 build gaze Primary Kitguns one with CC one with Status and one with hybrid build. I love that chamber so much! also I can't wait to see the new infested Kitgun parts. Kitguns are my love! <3
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