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  1. I didn't really mean that the roads were good. Let's face it, they were pretty bad, but I did like the fact that we could gather 8 Tenno every day to play together. The Eidolons where for sure a worse way to get your arcane (too much bright things at once and 0 fun) but at least they needed to be 4 well trained men to complete 5x3 in one hour. And even now Eidolons are not done anymore because of this trash squadlink event... I don't want to talk about Profit Taker and Mother Exploiter cause one is a bump festival and the other is just scripted despite DE pretending that there are multip
  2. Hey ! Am i the only one that miss the raids ? I mean gathering up with the team and play every evening ? Things where cool thoses days ... Have a good one ! (Tik tok tenno !)
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