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  1. Octavia is a great Warframe and Lots of people enjoy her. One of the reasons a lot of players enjoy her is because they are able to make the music they want to hear. Her abilities synergize really well. Her 1 gives percussion. Her 2 plays bass. Her 3 gives melody. These together can make a cool song. However, sometimes subsuming abilities best fits the mission type or play style you want. The Problem: Removing a ability also removes that music sound from the mandachord and you are left with 1 less instrument and the whole song sounding empty. Ex: I replace Octavia's 2 (resonator
  2. This is awesome! When octavia prime comes can we have a slight rework where if i replace 1 of her abilites that sound on madachord will play from a different ability? then we still get all the sounds from the songs we want. Example: I replaced resonator with fireblast and now there is no bass... Could bass then play when i activate Metronome?
  3. Replacing one of Octavias abilities removes the sound from that instrument which is horrible. If i replace an ability it would be nice if the sound from that ability could still be played somehow. Example: I replace resonator-Bass is now gone..... Instead make bass play out of my 3rd? or make bass play when 2 is cast?
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