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  1. So i have been farming vomalysts on the plains. During several such sessions I have encountered a bug where once I Transendance out and quickly in order to takeout the vomalyst void body and back in. My warframe/operator get stuck in running animation. Even if you switch to archwing or k-drive, you at still stuck in forward motion. The only way to resolve this issue so far has been to either exit plains or at times go into cetus. I have tried to capture screen shots but it only shows my operator/warframe on the plains. Kindly help as I'm afraid that this might ultimately lead to a game crash, cuse last time the instance forced me to log out of the game completely.
  2. Don't you think the players can use the practice option at vesper relay before taking the test. I personally went there to give it a go few times before I took the test. I did succeed few times with my ash and Dragon nikkana. To be fair, it takes a lot patience and time. But there is always the easy option of pairing a agile frame with skiajati, and string it's invisible passive. That's what I did to be safe, use Ash with skiajati. Just learn the routes though practice mod. Find a route you are comfortable with stringing the kills and repeat the same in real test.
  3. Glad to finally start playing this game.
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