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  1. Since this topic keeps repeating even in game, the MR 9 test does not need a specific frame or weapon. Just go to practice mod an spend 5 to 10 minutes learning the enemy movement pattern. When you do the test it's the exact same. Also take your time taking out the enemies, what I mean is there is no need for style points or rushing through it since it is not timed.  Also MR is not everything in warframe, I have had this discussion in-game. You just need to reach a certain MR to access everything ingame, At that point it's your wish if you want to level up further or not. MR14 for all the normal weapons, MR15 for prime weapons (AK Lex) and MR16 for the highest mastery requirement for rivens. 

    I do admit DE needs to change the intervals during failing a test and retaking it. Other than that, till MR 16 every test can be cheese with a warframe and weapon you already got.

  2. Don't you think the players can use the practice option at vesper relay before taking the test. I personally went there to give it a go few times before I took the test. I did succeed few times with my ash and Dragon nikkana. To be fair, it takes a lot patience and time. 

    But there is always the easy option of pairing a agile frame with skiajati, and string it's invisible passive. That's what I did to be safe, use Ash with skiajati. Just learn the routes though practice mod. Find a route you are comfortable with stringing the kills and repeat the same in real test.


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