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  1. You are not missing anything. I'm not going to touch this grind with a pole till DE is going to "fix" the drop rate. All of this time... for what? An impact heavy blade, an already nerfed to uselessness sword&shield, a scythe with barely passable stats and a 2H nikana with amazing stats on paper... but still a 2H nikana (wise razor is one of the worst stance in the game atm). So yeah... i'm gonna pass these 16k mastery.
  2. If we see how Yareli's K-drive has been so poorly implemented in normal missions, i'm ok-ish in having them only in a few tilesets. Possibly those which are already been reworked to be easily navigable with them, like the new corpus ships. As for TNW... most of the scenes seems to happen on cetus / new tilesets made for the mission, so i don't see why we couldn't use them once we will get it.
  3. TYPE: In-Game, Kuva Flood missions.DESCRIPTION: Once a Kuva Flood has been completed, the same mission is still available to be started again in the Alert tab.REPRODUCTION: Happens once you complete a kuva Flood.EXPECTED RESULT: Kuva Flood should not be available again till the mission resets the next hour.OBSERVED RESULT: Kuva Flood mission is available again.REPRODUCTION RATE: 100% rate after every kuva Flood.
  4. Still no fix on Galvanized savvy/shot/aptitude not working on projectile weapons. Melee is still light-years ahead of primaries/secondaries, just a bit more clunkier (looking at you, glaives). In the time i do a sister larvling (~3 mins run), i can do 2-3x kuva larvling (~1 min run). And we get nothing if we don't want to spawn the sister, unlike liches. Hopefully, we will get a "Better liches Sisters" patch before 6 months.
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