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  1. Some of the suggestions are related to each other, some aren't, and suggestions I would have added later might have been completely unrelated. But now everyone's made such a cluttered mess of my thread, I'll probably just start a new one when it comes to it. Cross progression means shared purchases between platforms. So the implementation of cross progression implies refunds of duplicate purchases. Period. Otherwise literally every player who played on multiple platforms previously is screwed, while everyone switching platforms going forward only has to buy everything once. How is that fair or professional? How many times are you going to require me to re explain that?
  2. Yes, I'm already aware of the build synchronicity issue. And about Sony. And about the PC to console transfers. Thanks though. 👍🏻
  3. I couldn't even fathom such an idea before you said that. And yes. It will be. You guys need to THINK. When cross progression is added, any players who make prime purchases going forward will have them on all platforms. So wtf do you think happens to players who've already invested time and money into 2-4 platforms to buy the same things? Obviously refunds have to happen, because the *well it's like Skyrim, you paid for the port argument* becomes null. Not that it was ever valid to begin with imo. We paid x2 to x4 for the same product. We were overcharged. At least in the context of cross-progression. And FOMO can suck it. Encouraging players to continue playing by adding more content. Don't punish them for not playing during a specific time period.
  4. I spent an hour writing all that, I hope you appreciate it.
  5. This is the Warframe feedback forum. Every thread tends to get derailed, and the mods solution is almost always to lock it. Case in point: Why call it a bad idea when you openly admit you have no idea what I'm even talking about. Doesn't that seem needlessly antagonistic? Just saying. As a courtesy, I'll explain it to you once. When cross progression is implemented, which progress gets carried over to all platforms? And what progress gets overwritten? Some of us have already invested months into each platform. Should our efforts be erased? No. Obviously not. Now THAT would be a BAD IDEA. Hence, merge the balances. 2 billion credits on Switch and 4 billion on PS4? Congrats, you've got 6 billion credits on your new merged balance. Same for Endo, Mods and Items. I should be allowed to keep the stuff I worked for, and I don't appreciate you saying otherwise. Also, no money would be refunded and I never said it should be. Platinum is a virtual currency that DE controls. It would cost them nothing to convert duplicate purchases into Plat like I suggested. As for limited time events that have never returned- the two I mentioned are key examples. Shadow Debt comes back as Stalker's Acolytes, sure, but never in it's entirety. Also, screw battle passes. They're literally designed to emotionally manipulate consumers, and they aren't even shy about it. Just because it's the industry standard doesn't mean it's okay. Warframe used to pride itself on being better than that. Skipping over the parts I already answered above and stuff that doesn't feel relevant to the thread, The Wolf of Saturn Six attacking players in missions on the starchart was a design oversight on DE's part. He should stay on his own node, where you can engage him at will when you're ready. That's the beauty of online games. They can get patched. If a certain episode involves changes in the star chart, those different/extra nodes can be accessible when you're on the episode in question. Players who are ahead should be able to swap to previous episodes at will, so they can help newer players. Excalibur Prime and certain console exclusive items can be withheld from the merge. The other items were eventually transferred I believe, just not right away. Your first question doesn't make sense, and there are certain parts of the story you can't replay. Glad you were able to correct your misunderstanding without assistance. And yes. I'm aware of all of that. It's largely the reason I initially ditched my PS4 Pro to begin with. I had grown tired of dealing with Sony as a whole. Among a few other things. Like censoring Conan Exiles for it's US customers and not giving me a refund. I purchased it exclusively for the dong slider. 😬 That was the games entire hook. Oh, and don't get me started on SOE (now Daybreak Games). As for there not being reason to come back each day, of course there is. There's still gonna be daily and weekly NW tasks. And it will still take time to go from Wolf of Saturn Six, to Intermission I, to whatever the Infested one was called, to Intermission II, etc. But if you go on hiatus for a couple months, you won't be SOL indefinitely. And you can watch the chapters play out organically, with new lore unlocking as you invest time into it. As if it was just another cinematic quest line, like War Within, Second Dream etc. Think Animal Crossing: New Horizons As for one time events like Shadow Debt and Tubemen of Regor that have resulted in the timeline getting effed to high heaven, they need to recreate those quests from scratch in the new engine. Otherwise, Warframe will remain broken. And who leaves their game broken? It doesn't matter what obstacles they face, what's broken needs to be fixed. It's just common sense.
  6. Account merging/transfer, if not full cross-platform play. Credits/Endo/Ducats are all combined into one balance. Combine inventory (blueprints, mods, parts etc.) with the exception of quest items. Refund all platinum purchases post-merge. At least the ones spent in the ingame store. After all, odds are players bought the same color palettes and cosmetics on multiple platforms when they only should need to buy them once. Or they bought forma to polarize items they already polarized on other platforms. You get the drift. If you bought multiples of the same Prime pack on different platforms, you can either convert the duplicates into their Platinum equivalent, keep them, or pick a different past or present pack. This includes different dual packs. So if you bought Loki Prime in different packs (Ember and Loki, Volt and Loki) that Loki is considered a duplicate purchase. Story reset. Start the game from the beginning of the campaign. Alignment/Greed choices also reset. Limited time events. Stop doing them. All events should be regularly occurring, like the Ghoul event and Thermia Fracture event. Stalkers Acolyte can remain a rarer event, as can the Plague Star event. The rarity of those events are what make them special. They're still technically reoccurring, so it's fine. Events that have an impact on the main storyline- Tubemen of Regor, Shadow Debt- need to be recreated as single player quests and inserted into the storyline proper. Your timeline is broken without them. I realize there is obstacles to this. Make it happen anyway. It simply can't be left as is. Period. Nightwave episodes linked to individual account. If you just joined, you'll start with Wolf of Saturn Six and progress from there at your own pace and move on when you're ready. No more FOMO.
  7. I'll come back when account merging/shared purchases is implemented. (I don't know, maybe sooner, I've already established I have no impulse control.)
  8. In a sense, people who spend money on this game are like investors. And to be honest, I don't feel like my investment is being respected. I've uninstalled Warframe.
  9. I seriously cannot express in words how much my join date annoys me. My Xbox account? 3/1/2019 My PS4 account? 1/17/2017 I thought for sure my join date would be whatever day I first logged into the forums section, but nope. Apparently it's once you're past a certain point in the game. 2/2/2020 would have been so perfect. I will never not be wigging out over this.
  10. Probably gonna get that Trinity Prime pack, since I ain't bought that one yet.
  11. It's more like I've fallen completely victim to the sunk costs fallacy.
  12. The worst part is, I'm probably gonna keep spending. I wish they'd implement account merging. Have my join date be the date of my oldest account "(PS4)Carnatus", have my posts merged, have my purchases all reset, maybe even have the story progress reset once the improved new player experience they teased is finally added.
  13. I really wish my join date was 2/2/2020. Or 11/29/2019. I hate that my join date for this account is 1/4/2020. It upsets me because it's odd/even/even.
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