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  1. Restart->options-update: "The installed application is the latest version"- launch application and get 0% and connecting. It seemed to hang here (0%-connecting) for awhile before moving to Checking for Updates. It did just connect after two restarts, and now able to login. Thanks!
  2. I'm guessing we just shut off the application, until there is a new update or fix. It looked to be downloading and then un-downloading, in the checking for updates/Downloading section.
  3. After Downloading getting Error on login, "Some content updates could not be downloaded from our servers".
  4. I will second this, I haven't met anybody that actually plays on a Vita, only from a laptop or CPU using remote play.
  5. Any thoughts into modifying the "Remote Play" key bindings to include playing from a PC with a controller and not just the PS Vita?
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