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  1. Or you know. Reset the damage adaption. If for some reason none of you brought a Paracesis.
  2. We need to downgrade everyone to an Excalibur with a MK1 Braton and a Skana. Mods need to be removed. Armor for enemies need to be an infinite scale again with shield gating, including on Grineers. Powers should be removed. If we really want to keep certain data, every other warframe and weapons will become cosmetics. I think this will make the game more fun and bring true balance. For me anyway.
  3. I've read the webtoon for a long time. I cringe at the thought of the fanbase this anime version will create... I hate Rachael.
  4. So I'm still relatively new to Gara, but I really do enjoy playing her. But I am having issues. When I have my 2 on me and cast it on someone else, then try to reset the duration with my 4, sometimes my 2 will suddenly come off me but will still show a duration timer. Then I have to reset my damage stacks for 2 all over again. How do I prevent this?
  5. You would think that with the sentients swarming in and Natah standing against us, the one sentient that has been wanting us dead from the very beginning would participate. But he isn't here. Did we kill him during Octivia? Where is he and why isn't he participating?
  6. I'm convinced this whole event is punishment towards the community for complaining about grind. Especially with their attitudes on stream lately.
  7. For 7 years the community has told you to knock this off since the beginning of MR tests having 24 hour penalty time limits, warframes taking 72 hours to build, weapons USE to take 24 hours to build... And then you throw this at us. Do you think it's funny or something?
  8. So its useless for these kind of weapons
  9. A lot of people say that Wise Razor is awkward. Now that we have the stance forma, what stance do you guys think would go well with Pennant?
  10. Region chat has been calling me a liar and gaslighting me for mentioning this. "Revenant's second ability, 📷 Mesmer Skin, has unique behaviors against Eidolon Teralyst's attacks (including its bigger counterparts, Eidolon Gantulyst and Eidolon Hydrolyst)." https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Revenant
  11. I don't doubt this considering we see one of the void towers being skinned and cut up in Cetus. A meat like texture inside those walls.
  12. Yes you are chat banned. As am I for mentioning Nezha without the forbidden phrase.
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