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  1. So you basically want a boot legged starcraft game?
  2. This a mission breaking bug that is more prominent after the update and trolls are exploiting it to sabotage other players since we cannot travel in space without falling off the map when ejecting off the railjack.
  3. Warframe is actually so comfy that the community is the one who wants it worse so it can be "fun" again. Looking at you, nerf herders.
  4. How about no railjack? Railjack was implemented in fear that DE would lose to other competitors...even though Starcraft hasn't been relevant since 2010. It's a system that was made for petty reasons and it stands out sorely compared to the rest of the game since this is a soul/hacknslash. Not a bootlegged starcraft game. But if we're gonna pretend that this is healthy for the game, add host option and tech guy watching railjack at all times.
  5. It amazes me the lengths of excuses someone will go to defend a faulty product that is abusable by toxic players like yourself.
  6. The fact you won't even let me switch back to my railjack when someone pulls their ethernet cable out, the fact you disable all of my archwing and archgun equipment because your spaghetti code can't figure out how to load it in after a host migration, the fact you still have not made a safeguard for these errors is insufferable and makes farming Sevagoth all the more disgusting. And this would be resolvable IF YOU LET ME HOST MY RAILJACK.
  7. Payday 2 showed a lot of evidence on why kicking option is a bad idea.
  8. When I wanted to rip off shields? Blast was fun until they removed the knockdown affect. Smh...
  9. Someone finally said it. Sick of all the pandering.
  10. Not until they sort out their spaghetti coding.
  11. Hurts to use Lavos. Someone said he's suppose to give cooldowns to the ships abilities since he has no energy. I'm not seeing them though and can't use railjack abilities.
  12. I honestly hate this update. Railjack is just a taxi now that leads to ground missions. Also...making railjacks energy rely on the warframe? Just why
  13. I am tired of DE resorting to defense/mobile defense/excavation-ess missions. It's recycled time mounted missions.
  14. It's annoying that I, the captain of my ship, have to abort constantly cause some rude tenno thinks it's OK to force que into a mission on MY railjack.
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