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  1. Let me guess, next hotfix it's going to have an actual clip instead of it effecting how much energy it uses and it's cc will be halved too.
  2. Can't since, like I said on the first sentence, I got rid of them. At least I still have the vulpaphyla though. This is to Shadowblood89. Seems like I failed on the quote.
  3. Great, time to relevel the predacites for mastery since I got rid of them before this update. DE, can you please fix this or is this just a glitch? If anyone says they need to be maxed after guilding them, I know. They were and the index says they weren't. Profile does though.
  4. Sweet, Necramechs will soon be actually playable!! ...hmm...don't see an animation fix for Shedu though, that's sad. Guess Shedu users, unless if I'm the only one using the flashbang gun, will still look like a fool firing when moving and not aiming. Please say that it is there and I skipped it by accident.
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