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  1. Like the title says DE should add a ui where you can add let's say 5 items you wish to craft that you can select to show up somewhere on the screen in list form So for example Grammu prism ( plains of eidolon) Breath of the eidolon- 0/5 Marquise Verdi's- 0/20 Cuthol tendrils-0/3 Star crimson-0/10 So for the gems that needed to be crafted first . It would show you how many you need to craft the gems required. It would be nice to highlight what we need to gather in forge, set how much we need then while we are in open world it just shows us how muc
  2. Ya it was wierd as we all only experienced it where the siphon was which was on that tower platform. If you looked a certain way it would pop up and it was annoying
  3. As the title says, I was in a group doing a lvl 80 kuba siphon and when we were by it we would have this random black square appear on screen. At first I thought my ps4 was dying. But the other 3 in The lobby had the issue too. https://pasteboard.co/JvXrTJ5.jpg
  4. Hello fellow tenno. I was bored today and a random idea came into my head for a neat frame centered around the idea of a lancer like warframe. Similar to a lancer from tera let's say. Dps/tank This would be a female warframe, with unique armor and body scale to pull off a knight look. Name-Gilgamere For the abilities I have thought of a few different ones but the 4th is where the magic happens. Passive- I dont know ?? Ability 1 Bag of goods- Strip your shields and armor to give a random buff that scales with dur range strength etc ( fun but random. Mig
  5. All consoles and pc seem to have lost NW No word yet why tho. I dont think they got rid of it as they give notice if they do that
  6. https://streamable.com/i1c4z Was trying to finish my lich and went into sandstorm then glitched out and couldn't move whatsoever. Kinda looked like I was stuck on a wall
  7. Operator ..I'm glad there are not any insects in space..ordis just hates them.. I have too many BUGs of my own and I dont need to be bothered by more.
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