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  1. Edited the thread, thanks for helping That's true, play whatever is fun. However some players get satisfaction of having the best railjack in the galaxy and that's fun for them, and farming efficiency matters for some people. Edited lol
  2. It still works, puncture status from carcinnox and other guns reduce armor of enemies
  3. I did the node I mentioned again with Forward Artillery equipped, shot a crewship in its face and it was alive with 1/5 hp left Mind posting your setup? Mostly not, I gathered info from other player's posts since the update. I could have missed some hidden op builds that only a few people know though.
  4. There aren't much choices for railjack atm, you are welcome to suggest other powerful setups that doesn't utilize exploits for others to see.
  5. A few questions: Were you buffed by components/ abilities? (For example 25% dmg boost when shields are depleted from zetki shield array) Were you playing on LU-YAN? (Corpus Veil node with highest fighter level) Was the crew ship debuffed by statuses / abilities? Do you have Granum's Nemesis mod equipped?
  6. Disclaimer: Might not be 100% correct, please leave comments below and correct me if something is wrong Components: Shield array: Zetki shield array (shortest shield regen delay and good passive) Engines: Lavan engines (highest total speed when boosting, you boost all the time) Plating: Lavan ~= Vidar plating (Lavan if you prefer higher EHP, Vidar if you prefer more regen) Reactor: Zetki reactor (highest ability strength boost with moderate range boost + 50% chance to repair fire/ice/electric hazard) Why not Lavan reactor: 25% shield boost while equipping Lavan plating i
  7. Railjack open world? I can only think of free flight in all proximas making open world in open space dosent make sense for me, what can you do with space open world? infinitely generating map with random structures scattered around?
  8. Zetki photor can kill corpus crewship shield drones thru the shield as it has innate punch through, so it is best for pilot
  9. Gian point was nowhere near dead in my region. I always get a full squad the moment I jump out of void drive.
  10. Or you can find clanmates or friends to play with you so you will always host
  11. Im critising DE for not making the features in the demo, it was the right direction that seamlessly integrates warframe and railjack Sorry for not making it clear
  12. Yo sounds like people forgot about these demos Arent these what railjack was supposed to be? Neither a content island nor a taxi to ground missions? They shouldve made these missions instead of forcing you into random ground missions
  13. These are what railjack missions SHOULD be, DE already got the right direction which makes railjack not a content island and full seamless integration between railjack and ground activities, how did they manage to f%#* up the game mode? Im sure most players will be satisfied if these missions are present is the game and not random ground missions being put into railjack missions. I am surprised to see that no people ever mentioned these demos
  14. iirc one of the lua spy consoles feature 4 corrupted enemies that has no ai in the undamaged orokin hall of the past
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