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  1. This is an absolutely perfect summation, can't really improve on this. 100% agree.
  2. Her 2, 3, and 4 all have varying levels of synergy with each other and her herself. I'd recommend replacing 1. However, I'm not completely sure why you'd give her Spellbind when you could give her Pillage, which also status cleanses while having added benefits of restoring to her some shields and somewhat armor-stripping enemies, for just twice the energy cost.
  3. I'd recommend reading up on the original mythology and traditional Chinese art containing depictions of Nezha (where he is always depicted with a waifish figure appropriate for the pre-pubescent boy-child god he is, along with floaty, layered clothing in bright hues, including pink - this kind of depiction is very common for male characters and deities not only in Chinese culture, but also East Asian and South Asian culture in general - as well as the intricate loops, pigtails, and buns, often secured by garish ornaments, common to boys depicted in traditional art). Nezha is not a bulked-
  4. Valkyr's 3 is a bit hilarious to me because it scales off shields for strength - shields, you know, the thing Valkyr has maybe 5 of. Of all the things...for the frame with the greatest amount of armor, but relatively very low shields... It's just one of many abilities that could benefit from revamps, and I hope the message that I think OP is delivering here - that Warframe has so many abilities with very weak or even anti-synergy, like Paralysis, or that are just straight-up bugged in crippling ways - will come through on a broader scale eventually as well. I'd be happy to skip a big flas
  5. Second all of this - maybe Bellona, Roman goddess of war? Maxim, after the first machine gun? Actaeon, the hunter in Greek mythology? He could be Ivara's fallen comrade, now resurrected. Maybe Ogun, the Yoruba god of iron and patron deity of hunters?
  6. Roar doesn't affect power strength, only player-dealt damage.
  7. That's fair. Personally I use Empower as it's cheaper and directly buffs her motes. 365% power strength in-mission is delicious 😋
  8. He's cute. Calling him 7 deadly sins in one guy (not tiny) is kinda mean :< I do wish he had more options though. And Mantra is beautiful. (Also, his playrate is probably low because his grind is kind of long tbf.)
  9. I have no idea how much to pay per event and I'm not suggesting we pay per event. We're just trying to explain to you that if DE has zero ways of making money from Warframe at all, there would be no way at all for them to continue making and maintaining Warframe for us. Video games are not charities, they're entertainment/art, and starving artists will end up dead sooner or later. Warframe is free-to-play so I have no idea why you're saying it can't afford to be; that's literally what it is. I'm also saying nothing about holding it to standards either way. My postulation is quite sim
  10. Wait, how does Roar max out any of her mote buffs besides possibly Shock?
  11. To clarify, I think what the other poster is saying is that - if you remove the monetization of in-game cosmetics, etc. - the game either has to cost a significant sum of money to buy from the get-go (and/or a subscription fee each month), or it will be uncompensated labor on the part of the dev team to keep making it, especially to the level it's being made currently. The devs need to eat somehow. I suppose the other alternative is to plaster ads everywhere in-game, which would be quite a disaster really. That seems unfairly personal and irrelevant. Firstly, it's possible to play Warf
  12. Yeah, I have to say I think Warframe's monetization practices are for the most part a non-issue, despite most of what the OP writes being technically factually true. Short of a pre-teen playing Warframe and being so inexperienced with F2P games and good financial practice in general - and bearing in mind that pre-teens are not allowed to sign up for Warframe at all, and that those under 18 are required by ToS to have a guardian's input before signing up - it's hard for me to imagine that anyone wildly spending on every Darvo deal and every Foundry rush are anything but either rich enough to do
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