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  1. Thanks! By normal missions I take it you mean vanilla (base) star chart disruptions? Sorry if I'm misunderstanding.
  2. I did do the mission. Through wave 16 (i.e. 48 conduits). I'm asking partly because my computer messed up and didn't save the recordings I thought it did, partly because it would take time to re-do the mission, partly because I am interested in how it scales beyond the wave I completed, and partly because I'd like to know the algorithm behind it because I'm a nerd and I like algorithms. I am asking here because I'm specifically interested in a hypothetical formula or plot that can be easily used for predictive calculations and does not require me to play through the game every time I want to k
  3. I've googled SO many permutations of this question, to no avail. I swear there's no information on this, other than "they get harder" and "round 46 will get you to the level cap". I'm going insane. I just need, like, a curve or a formula that shows how enemy level scales relative to number of rounds completed. Thanks in advance!
  4. That makes sense. Do you use 250% strength for full strip? Also, does he become squishy in Steel Path despite having relatively high armor, making it not a good idea to lean into him as a tank but rather as a caster?
  5. Props to you for using good ice boi for this. Curious, how did he work for survival for you?
  6. Wait, Saryn Orphid is bad and Skathi is a minimal change? Orphid's subjective, I agree, but I have to say that Skathi looks absolutely nothing like either of Ivara's base skins (vanilla or Prime), unless we're thinking of different skins?
  7. Good tips, but you can get even cheesier if you're using Wisp and Skiajati - just bunny hop the entire way (passive makes you invisible while not on the ground) and use the Skiajati finisher for free invisibility for 5 seconds each time (does refresh with subsequent finishers within the invisibility window).
  8. Anaktoria

    orb vallis

    Nice work, I love it!
  9. I'd imagine "average" Warframes (those without significant bulk - Mag or Ash, for example) to weigh around in the 200-250 lb range, seeing as Warframes are decently tall (perhaps in a similar height range to pro athletes) and likely very muscular/dense in the flesh. Those with significant bulk, like Rhino, could weigh in the 300-350 lb range, depending what they're "wearing" (Iron Skin Rhino might be even heavier than normal?). Someone like Frost or Harrow, with extra "clothing," probably adds 50lb to the "average" weight range, so 50-300 lb (Frost is pretty bulky and tanky in build, so probab
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