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  1. Hmm, I don't know...like I said, I never really experience it to begin with because I'm a hopeless Hysteria addict, but as for times I have experienced it...I would say it doesn't matter mid-game (up to, say, Sortie level), and typically isn't too bad in Steel Path (when it's a squishy frame who gets downed, that is - like Mag). If I'm going for an endurance run, it becomes more of a problem - the worst is when it sort of snowballs, like if I'm playing someone whose damage can only be dealt viably while standing up, I get knocked down, I stop outputting damage for a second, enemies swarm me and start chain-staggering me. That's not incredibly often, granted (but again, I'm probably not the best person to ask since I do happen to most often play something that nullifies all knockdown, haha). I am not questioning your argument about Natural Talent being a DPS increase, though, which I honestly do agree with, and have since you first posited it - I do think you're right. Perhaps on a greater scale, I would tentatively point out that many exilus mods currently existing could be either considered an indirect DPS buffs, or are direct and explicit buffs. Consider the following: Power Drift: directly boosts DPS for any 'frame that deals damage via one or more abilities, by boosting ability strength. Vigilante Supplies: conditionally, indirectly boosts DPS by removing downtime for finding ammo of the correct type, in the event that one runs out of ammo. For Primed Sure Footed, if I truly had to categorize it - though this is tangential, I know - I would say it combines survivability, a (conditional) DPS boost (e.g. it doesn't boost DPS if, say, you're a Saryn who chooses to rely solely on passively dealt Spore damage for DPS - if using Miasma this would be different), and QoL. Survivability because I do think there are cases where PSF saves a squishy frame relying solely on shieldgating and things like Rolling Guard those precious few moments that could mean the difference between getting one-shot and being able to quickly activate a defense (again, like Rolling Guard). DPS boost (conditionally, so not in every case) because of what has been mentioned - you already touched on this and clearly understand the concept. QoL because it's annoying to be on your ass every so often. That's just my two cents though. In closing, I do agree with your thoughts on why Natural Talent is a DPS boost, so not to detract from that at all.
  2. While it is of course true that you obviously can do that - and be my guest, by all means - you're disingenuously moving the goalposts from your original statement and my response. This discussion, according to your original thesis, is about PSF, not any other source of resistances or immunities to statuses or knockdowns. I'm simply pointing out that the statement "PSF isn't a DPS increase because you can use your brain and not blow off an explosive in your own face", which argues that it is merely a QoL improvement for those who don't want to have to worry about not getting within self-stagger range of their own weapons, is dismissive of the fact that PSF does not simply alleviate self-stagger - PSF also alleviates external, non-player-created sources of knockdown and stagger. For the record, I'm a perma-Hysteria Valkyr main, so none of this is pertinent to my personal playstyle anyway. I'm just here to observe.
  3. These are good tips, but small note - Mesa might actively encourage players to not learn to aim (if they gravitate to Peacemaker, as players tend to), and I'm not sure I'd consider her tanky in the grand scheme of things, though Shatter Shield is certainly nice mid-game. I think Chroma is a good suggestion as a classic tank, given Vex Armor and his base armor and health values. Any tank comparable to Chroma will give you nice leeway to practice aiming, as will stealth frames (Ivara, Octavia, etc.). As for the original thread topic, I feel an auto-aim mod would have no effect on the fundamental problem with aim-dependent, often single-target weapons (relative to the more meta body of AoE, projectile-based, less aim-dependent weapons), which is that, well, they only kill one thing at a time (maybe a couple things if you're lucky and can get targets in a line - but nothing compared to the radial explosion kill potentials of AoE projectile weapons). A genuine possible solution might lie in the form of something like a bullet ricochet mod. I'm a bit skeptical about even that though. Single-target and/or aimed weapons are simply suited for a slower game than what Warframe players tend to play these days and there's not really two ways around it. The actual best solution is to probably just play solo for now and thus to be able to play slowly, at your own pace, without Saryns or melee users nuking the map every two seconds, permitting you to enjoy your snipers and single-target/heavily aim-dependent weapons that way. Very well said!
  4. I also wrote 200, but I definitely sympathize with your feelings and felt similarly when trying to determine an appropriate number.
  5. Responded! Many thanks for your ongoing and dedicated contributions.
  6. Don't forget that enemies can stagger you, too! So avoiding knockdown and stagger is not simply a matter of being careful to not self-stagger.
  7. Not my clan but a clan in my alliance: consider the Mischievous Chickens clan in the Birbs of Prey alliance - both dedicated to being LGBT-friendly, minority-friendly, non-toxic communities. Recruitment post here: Happy hunting!
  8. Oh, interesting! TIL, much thanks for the information.
  9. Very small note but doesn't the scaling kick in at level 80? I may be wrong.
  10. I feel like it's a non-issue. She deviates from a lot of the previously established style and aesthetic, sure, but so do other 'frames like Grendel or, to a degree, Wisp. Nothing wrong with that. It's also fine for people not to happen to like her aesthetic, but we don't all have to like the aesthetic of every single 'frame. That's the beauty of beauty - it's subjective. If someone doesn't like her, they don't have to play her, and if they really hate her aesthetic, they can play solo, at which point they only risk seeing her briefly in relays. I say this as an aesthetic snob who does play solo and tries to keep the game experience as blandly Orokin as possible, by the way.
  11. I have no horse in this race either way, but I just wanted to pop in and mention that if you run a standard Condition Overload/Blood Rush/Weeping Wounds build on a good melee, you can certainly run Steel Path endurance without any of the things you mentioned. I soloed 22 rounds of Steel Path Kuva Fortress disruption (before getting too tired to continue) using that setup plus viral, Organ Shatter, Berserker, and Primed Reach on Venka Prime - I used Valkyr Prime as my warframe, my arcanes of choice were Strike and Guardian, and my pet was a Panzer Vulpaphyla, but without the viral proccing quill mod equipped (for a very stupid reason: my pet has pink energy and that clashes with my fashion). My secondary was a Lex Prime and my primary was a Vectis Prime, so no status priming from an exterior source was involved. I don't know if that'd work differently post-melee changes per U30.5, but I imagine it probably would be, as I was overkilling things with that setup. So in my findings, it's definitely possible to run endurance, without using any of the things you mentioned, even on Steel Path. Again, not saying anything either way on whether XYZ nerf or buff was good or bad, just wanted to make that small note. Cheers!
  12. It's definitely true that we're in this situation because the devs face the dilemma of trying to balance a game that is presently impossible - or nearly so - to balance. Damned if they do nerf things, damned if they don't. In that regard, I don't blame them for coming up with solutions that feel either ineffective or suffocating. I do still feel that the damage attenuation in this particular case can be tweaked a little back from how intense it is at the moment, though - time will only tell if DE agrees, or if any future changes will be sufficient to please most of the community. They certainly have no small task on their hands and trying to balance damage attenuation alone, on nemeses or on enemies at large, will not solve nearly all their problems, so I sincerely wish the devs the best (and I do genuinely appreciate all their work and the degree to which they listen to the community).
  13. I’m glad you appreciated the Frungleshrumps, I rather like them too 😂😂
  14. On lunch break, so I noticed this and just wanted to clarify: The Glassmaker case was most definitely not a nerf of (existing) player damage, not anything even related to (existing) player damage. The Glassmaker case was a complete replacement of the player damage system - of our existing, carefully curated weapons and abilities and builds - with a unique, independent form of dealing damage. That's why it's completely different, as well as acceptable to me. If the Sister fights took away all our weapons and abilities and forced us into using solely a special mech called a Frungleshrump to fight in, and the Frungleshrump only had a single void-powered slingshot to fire identical pebbles with, and could not be modded, and if the Frungleshrump dealt to Sisters the sort of constant three-digit damage players currently see coming from the top weapons they've spent a lot of time and effort to lovingly mod to hell and back - combined with all their fancy buffs and abilities - if that were the case, I would understand getting the results we have now. But alas, we have no Frungleshrump. We have things that should be dealing significant damage - sure, maybe less damage than they normally would, but still more than what we see (in my opinion, as always) - and yet are not. Worse, they're performing relatively similarly to things that should objectively, by any other metric in the game, perform much worse (going back to the Frungleshrump metaphor, this is different from a case like Glassmaker where everyone gets to use the same identical, wholly unchangeable damage system). The Glassmaker had a version of the Frungleshrump in the form of glass projectiles Nihil gives us, instead of using player weapons or damage sources. So no, sorry, your argument here falls apart. In fact, your own words explain exactly why your thesis regarding a nerf to player damage is incorrect ("[...] did not use our weapons/powers [...]" - not a nerf of existing player damage, a replacement by something else completely). Also, you'll note the Glassmaker's glass balls did a lot more damage per shot than each weapon hit currently does against a Sister (to be clear, I'm not saying that each hit versus a Sister should uniformly remove 1/4 of their health or I'll riot - but hopefully you're creative enough to understand the point I'm making). Finally, something important that I feel you're also missing in my thesis: most of the challenge and fun of Nihil did not come from the process of dealing damage itself (this is, I believe, a community opinion at large, but feel free to remind me that in the end this is also only my opinion). The damage-dealing in that fight took an instant (per health gate). The rest of the fight was spent dodging, ducking, leaping, predicting platform falls, predicting swings, aiming shots, remembering quest clues, and so forth. This is the kind of thing I would certainly want Sister fights to be balanced more in favor of, time-wise, instead of towards waiting for damage to soak in. TL;DR: temporary event replacement of the existing damage system with another, separate damage system is not the same as a nerf; the Glassmaker fight, though involving a damage cap, had a much better balance between damage dealability and fun mechanics to create challenge for the player (in fact, damage dealing took out a third of his health each time, so essentially a 3-hit, compared to, well, what Sisters have right now). Disclaimer, this is all my opinion (except facts about how much health is taken out per hit on the Glassmaker and such), blah, blah. Hope this makes sense!
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