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  1. I encourage you to re-read my post more carefully and to take deep breaths before responding or reacting. I know this thread has had some tensions in it, but I am here for civil discussion and genuine dialogue, and would appreciate you engaging with me as such. I am not here to attack anyone, to make strawmen, or to make others feel invalidated, and I appreciate those who respond similarly to me. Thanks!
  2. DISCLAIMER, as some seem confused: all of the below is merely my personal opinion. It is not, as surprising as this may be, any form of scientifically proven fact or similar. I think something important to note is that many of us, including you, I'm sure, are not simply unable to defeat the Sisters. We can, and it's not even hard. But it is not fun. The new system for damage attenuation means that setups like yours or mine, that easily one- or two-shot Kuva Liches before the Sisters of Parvos update, now take hundreds of shots to kill a rank 5 Sister. I haven't yet acquired a Kuva Lich under the new system, but I presume it's similar. And it isn't that we're just using bad cheese or that we need to use certain niche builds, because many experienced players with similar setups are reporting exactly the same findings here, and no one has yet come out with something that even comes close to nuking these new nemeses. The result of making the Sisters tankier in this manner is that we - even those of us who have optimized weapons - now need to stand around for a minute, two minutes, three minutes, just to kill a Sister once. We're doing exactly the same attacks with the exact same, or similar, weapons, over and over, and they still get the job done in the end - it just takes much longer. And that is an added hoop to jump through - a time check, a question of, do I have the patience and space in my schedule to do this? - but it does not make the game more challenging or engaging or interesting; quite the opposite. It has become more tedious and simultaneously less exciting. I find my mind wandering as I sit there whittling down my Sister. I find myself wondering in frustration why I'm not using this time to do something I care more about. And eventually I will in fact just use my time to do something that I do care more about, and I'll stop playing the Sisters, and that's fine, but you don't add updates to a game wit the hope that people will want to not play them, so...something doesn't add up here on DE's end. The fact that Sisters teleport around, go invisible, place decoys, play hide-and-seek? That, at least, is a step towards making the gameplay exciting, challenging, forcing you to be on your toes. I will not make any commentary on whether I like that or feel it could be improved because this is not the place for that commentary, but my point is to contrast it with the new damage reduction system and to emphasize that I am not saying any method of making content more challenging (or with the intention of this) is unwelcome. I love when devs do that, in fact. I liked the Glassmaker boss fight a lot because it was more challenging than the usual fare - and you'll note that not one bit of that increased difficulty arose from simply nerfing player-dealt damage during the fight. The new damage attenuation system is, shortly put, overtuned. It forces all players - even those of us who worked hard to optimize our gear (yes, even when we play to the Sisters' weaknesses; I did this myself) - to take a minimum of one or two minutes just to whittle down the health and shield bars of these nemeses. Sure, nemeses can and should be tanky, and I welcome buffing them so they can't be one-shot by some or all of the things that used to be able to one-shot them. But I would've expected a tankiness buff to make them take five, ten, even twenty times longer to kill. This change is on the order of fifty times longer to kill or more. That feels like an overt punishment of and disrespect towards players and their time, effort, and general interest in the game. Here's video of me one- or two-hitting a rank 5 Kuva Lich while playing solo pre-Update 30.5 (using Valkyr with Hysteria, no Enraged augment), just so everyone knows I'm not talking out my ass about that part.
  3. This, please take a look at how insanely attenuated damage-dealing has become under the revamped system. I've personally tested builds that one-shotted rank 5 liches in the old system, without caring about elemental damage resistances or weaknesses, and those same builds - taking advantage of elemental weaknesses - take a few minutes to grind down a rank 5 Sister. And I'm not alone in this experience; many fellow seasoned players I've spoken with report exactly the same. I understand them being tankier, even 5 or 10 or 20 times tankier, than before, but this is on the order of 100s of hits more required to kill. It's not fun or engaging or challenging, just tedious and boring and time-wasting, and it makes me actually genuinely want to avoid these unenjoyable battles for the first time ever, despite having slogged through a good thirty liches - solo - on the old system. The disparity is massive and, more importantly, deeply grating (not frustrating, in the sense of a tricky challenge that I'm not able to overcome; just grating, in the sense that I am falling asleep or getting restless and twitchy while I wait for the sponges to soak up all my damage). Please give this some tweaks!
  4. Yes! What on EARTH was that damage attenuation?! I hit for two or three digits worth of damage per strike with my main build, capable of one-shotting Acolytes and rank 5 Liches in the old system, and two-shotting the Wolf of Saturn Six. I understand if the Sisters are beefy but it took maybe a MINUTE to take down one health bar, and that's with full armor strip, a weakness element on my weapon (I triple-checked), and so on. Things like her teleporting away were fine, but the bullet sponge part wasn't engaging or rewarding at all, nor did it feel "difficult" in a way that made me feel accomplished. It just made me feel frustrated as I had to sit there for fifty times longer than usual. This, this, this! Come on!
  5. This, this, all this. Damage in two and three digits for builds I use to easily one and two shot acolytes, Wolf, old rank 5 Liches.
  6. Why did you outright replace void trace end-of-mission bonuses in void storms with tokens to trade for Glast weapons? The former were evergreen, the latter are not, and now we can’t farm traces so conveniently. I actually liked being able to do that.
  7. This sounds interesting, but I must ask - many players belong to more than one syndicate, so how would we handle that? A syndicate-flavored raid sounds interesting!
  8. Interesting. Thank you for all the advice, i'll try it out tonight. Sounds pretty cool.
  9. Precisely. That's why I addressed OP directly - everyone here, including OP themselves, needs to stop worrying about being "pro" in Warframe, whether it's themselves or someone else. It's a totally irrelevant term to this game. Glad you understood!
  10. Very interesting. I do lament the fact that the arrow isn't, in fact, actually concentrated, just stripped of its neighbors and given unrelated stat changes. Do you recommend using Internal Bleeding as well as Hunter Munitions or just one or the other?
  11. Goddamn, I didn't know any of this either, including that Primed Firestorm works on it. I'm learning a ton today, time to go dive into the Simulacrum for a bit! I'm curious - how would one cheat the status limitations?
  12. Don't bother with him, he's an established forum troll. I actually didn't know Bramma could use that mod, though. I might have to try it out now. Thanks for the PSA!
  13. Sure, that's fair, I'm not arguing for or against Ore Gaze. Just passing on that OP did intend to use it.
  14. I believe the suggestion for Health Conversion was in response to OP's complaint about being too frail. Also, power strength does matter if OP uses Ore Gaze, as they mentioned they do. I'm not sure if efficiency is necessarily needed for Shadow upkeep, if duration is good enough, if Equilibrium is being used to good effect, and/or if the OP uses Zenurik Dash and/or Arcane Energize. Pulse is definitely nice for healing Shadows, so I like that suggestion for sure.
  15. Her 1 on the slash grenade setting has nicely scaling damage; on the shield drone setting, it gives you very nice survivability in the form of overshields and constant shieldgating (the latter being more important in levels above the vanilla star chart). Her 2 is her flashiest DPS ability, with auto-aim in an unmoddable 130-degree angular range, innate heat for constant CC, and a multiplier that scales with number of enemies hit per shot (so the multiplier works very well with grouping abilities like Larva or Ensnare); it has low duration, but that mostly just means you'll spam it a lot. Her 3 spews out free energy orbs, universal ammo pickups, and health orbs on a rotating basis; with increased strength, the chance of receiving a double drop on every drop rotation increases. Her 4 snapshots your state (location, health, energy, and more) at the time of cast, and after a set duration, forcibly pulls you back to your snapshotted state while cleansing you of status effects, and releasing a blast towards nearby enemies that scales on damage dealt between cast and ability end. If you take lethal damage after casting but before the end of this ability, you'll be rewound without the other benefits for an instant knockdown and refill of 5% of total health. Her passive gives you 100% bonus (additive) power strength every 3 ability casts (you can track this via a meter in the bottom right). The way I play her is this: plop down her 3, spam 2, use 1 for survivability (on the shield grenade setting). Range affects the reach of 2 (though not its angular range), strength affects shield drone overshield capacity and recharge rate and base damage amounts on damage abilities, duration affects the obvious. 4 is sort of niche and not as great as the others (the energy regain is nice but not needed since 3 upkeeps energy so well; the nuke effect is also nice, but 2 and 1 do fine damage without needing to wait between cast and end to deal that damage - i.e. they're sustained; it's not very good for survivability in practice). As such, her 4 is typically considered the "Helminth infuse slot" if you choose to infuse her with anything. Decent options include Roar, Breach Surge, Larva, and Ensnare; I've tried Roar and Ensnare, and currently use Ensnare for that sweet, sweet multiplier bonus (consistently had over 300x in Steel Path once). Here's my build for her, for reference. Hope it helps!
  16. You don't have to, because you're right. From a purely meta viewpoint, probably Octavia, but in my heart, definitely Mag and Valkyr. Great point. She's a bestial force of nature, not a political leader. She's definitely my favorite force of nature though. She IS pretty queenly now that you mention it. Very regal. I like the way you think.
  17. - Ore Gaze is the best option I can think of for purely loot purposes. It's the only infusible ability I know of that will add further loot drop chance. It may not be your best ability choice overall, though. - I don't think there's a strict minimum power strength for this; it's a matter of balancing (esp. with range, as another player pointed out) and personal preference. Ore Gaze rolls loot chance as a separate instance from anything done by Desecrate, so it's not a matter of obtaining 100% chance between the two. - There are a lot of other options for Nekros - I've heard good things about Blood Altar for your shadows, if you use them, which brings me to... - As others have also mentioned, Shield of Shadows is a nice way - in my opinion - to increase survivability and self-defense. Definitely consider bringing it into the build. Otherwise, Adaptation is great for survivability, and I think you have more than enough eHP to get use out of it. Equilibrium and Health Conversion are also popular on Nekros tank builds, since Health Conversion grants additional armor per stack, and Equilibrium gives you energy per health orb picked up and vice versa. @THeMooN85's build has Primed Flow plus these two mods, which I believe is to allow you to upkeep your shadows consistently (despite the low efficiency) plus to keep picking up energy orbs for extra health to fuel Despoil and to tank shots. I haven't tried that particular combination myself but it seems worth trying out. (You can equip Synth Fiber on your pet to keep grabbing health orbs for Equilibrium energy generation in the event that you find your health overfull, by the way.) I know a lot of mods have been mentioned, including three (!) augments, and it will be difficult to cram all the right ones into a build. Off the top of my head, you could do something like the following: Shield of Shadows - Despoil - Ore Gaze - Equilibrium - Health Conversion - Vitality - Blind Rage - Stretch - aura of choice - Power Drift This definitely isn't optimal (upkeeping Shadows with low efficiency and no Flow may be of particular concern), and you'll need to play around with it before you can arrive at something you're happy with - but hopefully this and the lovely advice given above might be a good start. Hope this helps!
  18. God, I never thought I'd see people seriously arguing about what defines a "pro" in Warframe. It's a non-competitive PvE power fantasy, folks, you can calm down. Go be sweaty in League or something. @XJR15, as others have said, pets are best used for damage support and utility rather than primary damage, but if you want to have a primarily direct damage-dealing pet, you can start with Bite and Venom Teeth as a good base - also as mentioned by other posters. There are other 60/60s you can combo with if you choose, and Maul will boost your base melee damage. Sahasas get a finisher damage bonus mod, which you might like; here's a Sahasa build (not mine) that you might try as a base and play around with a little (I'd add Bite in there somewhere, for starters). Hunter Synergy is a mod that will boost your pet's critical chance based on your primary weapon's critical chance, and Sharpened Claws is a kavat-exclusive mod that lowers enemy armor, among other things. I recommend considering these for a foundation and doing a little research into other builds and pet mods out there that you can play around with, and see if it gets you closer to the results you're interested in. Best of luck, and please, don't listen to these absolute bozos talking about what makes you "ackshyually pro at Steel Path" or whatever else. It genuinely doesn't matter. Warframe has players of a vast diversity of knowledge and ability levels across all the different parts of the game (which, may I remind everyone, is not competitive, nor PvP), and it's just pointless and toxic to make anyone feel bad for their perceived lack of skill. Be proud of whatever you want to be proud of but don't let yourself get tilted by, of all things, other players in Warframe. Just ignore them and move on to better things.
  19. Damn, you sound upset, you should probably eat a Snickers or something. Anyway, @_Anise_, stay away from nullifiers and use melees to pop their bubbles (or high firerate weapons like others have suggested) and you'll be fine. While invisible, you shouldn't be able to be targeted by ancient disruptor attacks (the ones that drain your energy), as long as you move around a lot - unsure about Comba pulses (talking about the corpus guys on roller skates), but if you shoot their pulses with a high-firerate weapon (like with nullifiers) you'll be fine, and if you shoot their helmets off they won't be able to send out pulses at all. Of course, you could just find ways to play without abilities, like, as an example, the method involving Inaros that I mentioned above; however, since abilities are a main draw of the game, I understand that idea may be disappointing for you, which is perfectly reasonable (just as, of course, it's reasonable if you do happen to enjoy playing the game without using any abilities). It also seems like you specifically enjoy using Ivara with invisibility and want to use her with that strategy on Steel Path, which is also reasonable, and definitely doable. I advise taking the advice outlined above, and by other players in this thread, to pull that off. There are many ways to play Steel Path, abilities or no abilities - it's easy once you get the hang of it. You can even easily solo the entire thing, without rivens or meta weapons, start to finish - I did it just like that back when it was released. Don't be afraid to ask for help and squadmates, however, particularly while you're still starting off. Don't worry - it's daunting at first, but you'll have it under your heel in no time! P.S. Oh, also, the wiki is your friend. Definitely make good use of it.
  20. There are many ways to skin a cat - you can do Steel Path with anything up to and including a starter Mag and a Mk1-Paris (stress-tested solo in SP Mot). However, I presume you'd like to know what is a good way to start in Steel Path - e.g. what are some accessible and easy-to-use methods to tackle it. Keep in mind the following apply for both vanilla and Prime variants of frames - Prime stat boosts make negligible differences in handling content. If you have Octavia, simply build for range, duration, and some strength - no need for survivability or weapons. She will allow you to cheese any survival in Steel Path solo using just Mallet (first ability) and Nocturne buff (via Metronome, third ability - use crouch, and load up the Mandachord's melody with notes on every single time-slice). Use Amp (fourth ability) overlaid on your Mallet's area of effect for extra damage. Other nukers, if you're familiar, can substitute. Any tanky frame (like Inaros - see below) and any well-modded melee (see below also) can also solo survival on Steel Path. Any fast frame of choice cheeses any rescue or capture mission. Popular choices include, but aren't limited to, Titania (with Razorwing Blitz), Gauss, Volt, and Wukong. For defense, Khora is particularly nice, as she offers both nicely scaling damage, and direct defense via her dome. Search typical builds for Khora and her melee and use that. I personally solo'd defenses in Steel Path with Protea, since her turrets will nuke and also offer innate CC - build for duration (~200%), range (around 180% or to taste), and strength. You can also cheese defense solo with Limbo using the classic bubble-and-stasis technique, though depending on your gear, picking off enemies will get tedious. A similar strategy works with a Nova built for maximum slow (~145% strength). I don't recommend using either of these strategies in team play, though, as it's easy to annoy teammates with them. Defection can be done with the usual suspects like Wisp, slow-built Nova, Oberon, etc. No real change there. Mobile defense can be cheesed with the same established techniques from vanilla star chart as well. Limbo, Khora, Frost, etc. Spy can be cheesed with an Infiltrate Ivara (or any other established spy cheese frame of choice). Approach excavations like defenses or mobile defenses. Disruptions can be cheesed with any frame of choice plus Magus Lockdown (to hold demos in place) and a well-modded gunblade (see below for melee modding). If you don't have Lockdown, inflicting cold on your enemies can help, as can certain Warframe abilities like Khora's Ensnare (second ability). Any decent melee will do as well - gunblades are just one of the best choices. General tips: A COBWEB-built melee (Condition Overload, Organ Shatter, Berserker, Weeping Wounds, elemental mod(s), Blood Rush) deals great damage on Steel Path as well as outside of it. The mods for this build work on nearly any melee and are essential, so if you don't have them, get them, and use them. Will make short work of any enemy you meet if used on any standard melee with 20% or more critical and status chances (and even for those having less than this). Inaros is the "easy tank." Beware, as you will likely learn bad habits with him. However, even on Steel Path, he's fairly easy to stay alive with. Just pump lots of armor and health into him and you'll probably be fine. It's very difficult to find pubs on Steel Path. Get friend(s) and/or clanmate(s) to help if possible, if you aren't dead set on soloing. Hope this helps!
  21. You must've rolled a really nice range stat on your riven to make that much of a reach.
  22. Based on playtime stats, actually, I recall that Inaros is very high up there, meaning likely quite a few players in fact use a no-ability playstyle (e.g. the basic Inaros with a melee). No-ability play is not really as much of an outlier as one might think (especially when one considers how shieldgating can be abused these days).
  23. Genuinely, any frame. I've successfully used Protea, Mag, Hildryn, Valkyr, Khora, Zephyr, Mesa, Titania, Garuda, Mirage, Saryn, and Wisp on the Steel Path, all solo. Hell, I've used my starter Mag from when I first began playing, together with a Mk1-Paris, to solo Steel Path Mot to completion. The frames that did the most heavy lifting for me in soloing Steel Path were Khora, Valkyr, and Protea, with Titania for speeding captures and rescues. Of those, Khora and Protea are the cheesiest DPS; Valkyr is weak meta-wise, but still worked great (I went 2h40min solo in Steel Path Ani and 2h in Steel Path Mot with her, using nothing but her Talons to deal damage, and extracted both times with no deaths and no problems). You can do it with any frame.
  24. Don't listen to the other guy. The Bubonico is a good primary and it's fine overall. See here for Steel Path footage: Stalker's gear works too, with the right builds. No build was specified, but if you run Hate with a standard COBWEB (Condition Overload, Organ Shatter, Berserker, Weeping Wounds, elemental mod(s), Blood Rush) build you should be just fine. What IS true is that there's no "right" way to kill a lich. You're getting many different answers because many different things work. Loki should work just fine, as should Bubonico and any melee that follows the COBWEB setup. Liches aren't technically status-immune but do have more resistance to procs than normal enemies, duration-wise. It's a little complicated. Don't worry about it. Good luck!
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