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  1. Sweet! When I've the time, I will deffo send you a message. ^^ (And I enjoy Spy missions, too. They drive me nuts, but in the good way that makes me want to replay them, haha) Thank you!!
  2. Man, I've no idea if I'm doing this right, but here we go! I love Darvo so much, not gonna lie, haha.
  3. Hello! I've come to realize that I probably should join a clan, lmao. I'm primarily a solo player (thank you, social anxiety!), but I think being part of a clan would be really helpful and maybe help me get over my MMO anxieties somewhat. I would prefer a clan that is made up of mostly adults and/or ones who are okay with pseudo-scrubs who want to get better. Or both. Both is good. (I am also extremely reluctant to do anything involving voice chats, but if push comes to shove, I'll man up and deal with it, haha) Not sure what other information I need to provide, but I'll be happy to do so if necessary. Thank you!!
  4. (NSW)Finlaena

    Wisp Prime!

    I love ❤️ I would any amount of Platinum if this ended up being her Prime design in the game.
  5. Odalisk looks really sweet and deffo one I will add to my stable... but yeah, the implications of the name are kinda... ehhhhh. Looking forward to the Archwing re-work. Right now, they're my least favorite mission type in the game so far, but I'm willing to grin and bear it until it gets improved.
  6. So... will there ever be a MacOS version for those of us who don't use PC? :(
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