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  1. Nightwave is now silent key. I hope next time the game designers make something like this, there will be no limit to the rewards for continued gameplay. Thanks to all who followed and contributed to this topic, I'll consider it closed due to Nightwave's end.
  2. Another week of Nightwave, completed all challenges, still stuck at PR60.
  3. Another week's worth of Nightwave done, still stuck at PR60.
  4. Another week's worth of Nightwave done, still PR60.
  5. Another week's worth of nightwave, still PR60.
  6. Another week's worth of Nightwave done, still at PR60.
  7. Another week's worth of nightwave, still PR60.
  8. Some of us have reached the cap of the current Nightwave intermission and I'd like to ask for more Prestige Ranks so we can earn more stuff, please? Here's a related topic in General which could be of use to the Devs: Thanks. :)
  9. Actually there are two queens in Warframe, and they are extremely keen about Kuva for some reason.
  10. Hi, just wanted to ask if anyone else is stuck at Nightwave Prestige Rank 60? The wiki apparently says it goes much higher than that, but I don't know for certain if that's true. I asked over at Reddit and one guy on PC says he's stuck at 60 also. Here's the Reddit link for anyone interested: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/o8ntsk/xbox_i_think_ive_maxxed_out_nightwave/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share Is this a bug or intended programming?
  11. Hi DE, I was looking at the following webpage: https://m.imdb.com/title/tt2984712/fullcredits/cast?ref_=m_ttfc_3 It's the cast for Warframe. I was wondering if we could please have them on as star guests in the live streams on Twitch, either as part of hometime and/or Devstream programmes?
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