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  1. Ghoulsaw Wraith will probably be a thing and there's likely going to be a Corpus counterpart, probably some kind of energy saw to slice'n'toast bread with.
  2. For farming, I prefer Nekros. In the time it takes to cast Hydroid's 4th and waited for loot to drop, I've applied Viral to ten enemies with Primary/Secondary and sliced them down with a slash+toxin Melee and resupplied dropped life support and already hunted ten more enemies around the next corner. If it means 'getting the job done' take Nekros. If you need to defend something or feel a bit lazy, take Khora. Hydroid's a fun toy but that's about it.
  3. This is still bugged despite a recent update. I still cannot perform Finishers after Radial Howl.
  4. When falling into a chasm or lava, whatever, I think it should take a life. I also want self-damage back so that you kill yourself if you're lazy with aiming a weapon (including shooting your foot with a Lato by accident or something like that). As a measure for fall damage, we could have companion mods that use tractor beams that lift us back out at the cost of being vulnerable to enemy damage (a Grineer could still shoot the drone or hound to cancel the rescue attempt). So yeah, bad parkour and bad aim could fail the mission. I want that element of risk. Why was that taken away? I still don't understand why self-damage was switched off. Not sure if fall damage/death was ever a thing before. I only started playing 2 years ago so have no idea about before then. If a compromise is necessary, what if we have the option to turn on these risk factors in settings ourselves with reminders on loading screens that they're on?
  5. I reported a bug a while ago and recently bumped it, but no obvious answers from DE yet. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1280962-unable-to-perform-finishers-with-executing-dash-radial-blindhowl/?tab=comments#comment-12302159 Excalibur Finishers are broken, this also seems to be trusted to Naramon Executing Dash not working at the moment also. This might be just for Xbox but still don't know if PC or PlayStation or Nintendo have this bug, too. I really like Excalibur/Umbra and to have one of his significant abilities reduced makes me a bit unhappy. Please can I ask you all for a bit more help to investigate and report this bug, give it a bit more limelight in the hope of getting it fixed quicker (hopefully in the next batch of updates)?
  6. That might've been an issue but I don't think so. I fought mine in a dead-end tile and had killed the hounds and spectres already. Unless the bolts hit something behind me, they should've gone forward to the Sister. This is another reason I'd like to enjoy crossplay; you're apparently on PSN and I'm on Xbox, we might be able to work this kind of stuff out in the same squad one day. But no, my lich just shrugged off the bolts as if it were a stalker. Kuva Lich, however, maintained lack of shields for a while before developing a sentient-like resistance to it.
  7. Wait, yours works against Sister Liches? Mine just shrugged off her bolts like a Stalker does. Ability-proofed, somewhat. :/
  8. This is in response to the news of the impending Nyx buffs. I dusted her off and re-modded her to current mod and Helminth status, went out and had a stab at some assassinations, liches and Steel Path stuff. I used to take Nyx to Lich confrontations, but it feels a bit useless when solo now. She'll strip the shields off a Kuva lich but won't work at all against a Sister lich. Even when shields are down, she's still too squishy* against a lich rank 4 or above, especially against a radiation caster or a teleporter. I can do it without dying but it's a bit of a challenge. Almost any other Warframe seems much more useful. Standard bosses, yes ok, she works but so do other Warframes. Steel Path, she works but so do others. Steel Path Ropalolyst seemed a bit daft, no point taking her because she just doesn't bring anything special to the party, just lots more dodging and occasionally wiping enemies from the boss' stage. She doesn't stand out. She just doesn't seem specialist enough. A good general frame for general work against standard enemies, but something just isn't right. I tried to imagine what she's like with the promised buffs, but the technical aspect still doesn't fit. Either the enemy is Nyx-proofed or she's too squishy to stand her ground after casting her bolts. You have to be extremely flighty with her, flitting around to get a decent shot off or hit'n'run with melee. Maybe that's the key aspect, Nyx is a Warframe for the hit'n'run playstyle? I like to get in there and work with melee a lot, so maybe she's just not for me. *I have maxed Umbral mods and other armour mods going on, adaptation and rolling guard, and tried switching out different augment mods. She's still too squishy for comfort. I had to keep moving to stay alive. I understand this isn't a problem for veterans used to this style of gameplay but I still think she needs another look at armour and base stats.
  9. Never played DnD so no idea what classes there are. I did, however, play Mutants & Masterminds and Heroes Unlimited so I do have a rough idea of the concept. As big as Warframe is, I'm sure that a nerd somewhere has made a table for comparison already. I wish you luck!
  10. I think DE wants us to go outside from time to time, get fresh air, see other people...
  11. Used Sevagoth as a vapor spectre during an Arbitration Survival. I'm amazed, that was a great choice. He's faster and more efficient as an AI than any player I've observed and he likes to make things explode. A lot. Many times. So many times we lagged every time he nuked a room. More lag every time he summoned his fourth. On mic: "Ouch, thats a lot of lag." "Just my Sevagoth doing his thing." "Ah. Good-good." Just thought I'd mention it. :)
  12. I was disappointed about Nyx bolts being denied by sister liches when kuva liches can still be armour stripped. I think she should be able to strip Treasurers and Acolytes (properly) too.
  13. I want to watch the Lore of Warframe from start to current. This includes all codex entries, previous operations I never got to play or probably ever heard of (I started 2 years ago and there's stuff under the dust from before my time nobody ever talks about). I'm hoping/wondering somebody out there has stitched it all into a movie in YouTube or something. Please can someone share a link or two?
  14. RE: Devstream What was "crumbguzzler" and broke the show for a minute? Something about Steve's assets?
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