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  1. Done; I also made a ticket with photo of my Upgrade screen to show polarity and rank information. Hope it helps in some way or other.
  2. Still no change that I can see, but I think I did already spend a forma to make a Vazarin polarity. I sent a ticket with photo, hope it helps!
  3. I think if you got Octavia Prime before the hotfix, like I did, the polorization stays the same... but if you were to buy/make Octavia after the hotfix then you'd see the updated polorization. If you feel short-changed, I'd open a ticket @ https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us Personally, 1 forma refunded to me would be nice but I'm not sure whether it's right to ask for it or even if I could prove the lack of changes on an existing Warframe?
  4. Hearing my clan mates swear and yell obscenities at me over party chat for introducing them to the Deimos K-Drive Grandmother races, is exquisite torture enough, thank you.
  5. I heard a rumor that Necramechs were also being activated for normal mission use today. Lies and slander?
  6. Thanks! Yep, already sorted on those. As for Nova and Equinox, I have the mods and tried out the builds but I don't understand what's going on, what the abilities are doing when activated or not, which state I'm in or what statuses I'm using or when something happens or why... I'm sure I'll figure it all out one day. I'm just focusing on MR for now though. Thanks though!
  7. Edit (24th Feb 21): Steel Path is now done, Octavia Prime Access bought and nearly fully forma'd. Even made my own little tune which others seem to somewhat enjoy, so that's good. It's funny, I could never figure out Octavia properly, once I leveled her and tried to use her, I just shrugged and fed her to the Helminth without much regret. Octavia Prime comes along and things seem easier to understand. Not sure why, maybe just experience. Maybe one day I can figure out Nova and Equinox properly too? Those ones confuse me something rotten, while seemingly simple for everyone else. Meh.
  8. I think I'm trying to get it because it's there. When I did the MR 27 test, and looked at my profile, I was like... omg I'm nearly there..! So, I went for it.
  9. Train your significant other to distract you whenever you sigh about Warframe. At worst, next time you experience a bug or #*!% up a bullet jump, your s/o could walk past the TV naked... ... or is that why I #*!% up bullet jumps? 🤔
  10. I've got a lot of people in my clan who need help, so I can join more of their missions and just enjoy the game that way. Also, as per typical fashion for MR30s, I might decorate my dojo and farm resources for that. >.> I can also look at jumping on the PC and learn how to make weapon skins - that will take me about five years I reckon before I can submit something halfway decent. There's also new content to prepare for, so making sure I have refined setups to tackle big nasty Corpus and Sentient beings, so that will be a nice little challenge too. Otherwise, just enjoy th
  11. *Progress report. Edit (23 Feb 21): Leveled up all K-Drives, including the Deimos one, and maxed out the Ventkids' standing. Kuva Secondaries are almost done with just one to go (Twin Stubbas). Just the Kuva Hind and Chakkurr(?) left for primary. Meanwhile, 4 syndicate weapons left to do; 2 from New Loka and 2 from Perrin Sequence. Steel Path still needs completing, I've been distracted by K-Drives but now that's done I can focus on the Star Chart Mk.II again I'm over half way through MR29 already and plotting to buy Octavia Prime to help push me to MR30, should come
  12. My clan mates are arguing who'd win if the Flood (from Halo) decided to fight the Infested, Deimos in particular? Personally speaking, I think the Infested would infest the Flood and then we'd have Infested Flood and then we'd have problems... but whatever. Just spitballin'
  13. I bet Steve would add this in just to troll, too. XD
  14. Interesting opinion; anything else you need to vent about the United Kingdom, its people and its language?
  15. I would like to make Atlas look like he is made of sack cloth and crochet. PlayStation people might remember Little Big Planet.
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