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  1. Bug: cannot pick up pink loot During Railjack, pink loot icons drop representing Railjack parts for repair or scrap but they can't be scooped up by Railjack or archwing. I think we still get the loot but the picking-up action doesn't happen.
  2. Pressing Y to reset crew points does not reset crew points. Sometimes, selecting a weapon to equip on a crew member causes cursor to drift then system to hang and no longer respond.
  3. I wonder... I dare someone to post a then/now collage of the DE staff. eg. Did Steve always have a beard?
  4. Well, where the wind don't blow is a reference to the doldrums, something that every sailor feared because it meant that your ship didn't go anywhere. If the ship doesn't get to port, survival gets harder and the crew don't get paid for failure to deliver cargo (serious for perishable goods or time-sensitive deliveries). This, in short, means that the crew were sailing into something feared and basically damned with the knowledge that it's a one way trip... but one of utmost serious importance to Parvos and the Corpus in general. If my understanding of the song is correct anyway. Also, be
  5. So, now that they're in black and white in front of me, I can start thinking about the song properly. What I gather from the lyrics is that the Corpus crew are an elite group of space-farers sent on a one way trip of discovery while also delivering some sort of cargo, and upon death they are sent to the Granum void to meet Parvos, either to receive punishment for failing their mission or comfort upon success, providing that their body has Granum Crowns on their eyes as part of a 'burial' ritual of some kind like our ancestors did in some part of the world. According to folklore, we used t
  6. Really? I didn't get that... but it's a bit disjointed for me. This is why I asked for a breakdown of it. One thing I did notice though... she looks awefully similar to Claudia Black doesn't she?
  7. Found it!!! Thanks! By the gods, he wasn't kidding about the size of it, was he?
  8. Please can someone copy, paste and break down the lyrics with an explanation of each bit, please? I keep trying to listen but I'm having trouble following the 'plot.' Sorry if I'm a bit thick.
  9. I got a mail containing a blueprint for a model of a Railjack... but I cannot find it in the foundry. Where is it and what is it, a dojo decoration?
  10. If you're looking at getting to MR30 (not sure what rank you are right now), then maybe consider trading some platinum for vaulted frames and weapons that aren't expected to return anytime soon. Some tend to get quite expensive, so get those big ticket items out of the way first.
  11. Radial Javelin (Excalibur) and Divine Spears (Nezha) are somewhat similar but Excalibur's ability seems pathetic compared to this. Since there's talk about abilities scaling with enemy level, is there something that could be done about buffing Radial Javelin to be awesome again? Being able to nail enemies to walls en-masse used to be pretty cool... until it stopped working at higher levels. Divine Spears incapacitates enemies regardless of level... and while Radial Javelin is only a 2nd ability for Excalibur and not a 4th like Nezha's, it deserves a buff to become more relevant in t
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