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  1. It's not really about who has creative control. Tencent gives their companies creative control, but they are investors, they want huge profits in return. Tencent doesn't directly change games or destroy them, the companies have to destroy their F2P models to meet that profit gain imposed on them. Warframe has in my opinion one, if not the best, F2P models out there. Platinum REQUIRED for the game is minimum (mostly slots), and the game gives incentives to spend money on cheap purchases. Everything else is cosmetics or pay to progress faster. This model is F2P friendly while giving them good ea
  2. To be honest, this kind of grind doesn't make much sense in a game like Warframe without real progression. Without vertical/horizontal progress system, in Warframe you can just get to do most of the content with your loadout of choice, so a huge grind wall to stop that choice is pointless. It doesn't make a difference if you subsume all warframes instantly or if it takes weeks or months. You're only getting an ability for your loadout of choice, that already was available on another warframe. This is just a way to band-aid their economy issue with materials that kept dropping for players who
  3. Aren't Kavats supposed to be immune to infested as well? yet we're getting an infested Kavat in this update.
  4. Megan said in a stream before TennoCon that Athodai would be coming in the future in a different method of acquisition, they were just releasing it (for free) on TC.
  5. But it is. You compete to see who gets to kill enemies first. If you load slower than other players, tough luck.
  6. I think Khora's Ensnare will be really good on Banshee with good synergy with her Sonar. You can pack enemies up in a spot and use Sonar(s) on them so you don't have to be constantly looking around for the enemies moving to shoot the weak spots.
  7. I agree with your post but you forgot something on Ivara's ability. Even though it would fall on your "needs a mod in the build so it's trash" argument, it's a really good one because it's not a fix, but an addition. You get a 100% crit damage buff while on the zip line with the quiver augment. Quiver itself can be useful with invisibility or sleeping enemies, but slapping an augment on it makes it even a buff.
  8. For Roar, it's a huge upgrade for big nukers. On nuke builds you sacrifice strength and efficiency for more range to nuke the maps better. You give up some strength but get a huge direct buff to damage with Roar to make up for it. Take Equinox for example. Her base damage on 4 is really bad, the recast nuke is where it's at, and you want big range on it, sacrificing strength, but if you buff yourself with Roar, you can have enough damage on your base 4 damage before recast, like pre rework Ember on star chart missions. So you don't need premade comps with synergy.
  9. You don't need to play before you complain about damage boosting abilities. DE has been nerfing things for balance sake but they throw it all away with this. Why nerf riven dispositions, Xoris interaction, Kuva Bramma, and any other op weapon/frame kit if you're gonna revert all that on a massive scale of every warframe having it now.
  10. Even though with this example you're technically correct, 60 base armor is not meaningful, you're either gonna die in 1 hit after shield gating or you don't need it at all. Even if you pick armor based warframes, picking Unairu for the armor over other school passives is still at the bottom in terms of utility from passives. By changing I meant changing the mechanic to apply the effect as a different mechanic but with the same result. For example, Unairu stripping armor and corrosive/some frames. Other school passives are additive/multiplicative or simply giving something new like Naramon's co
  11. We've been arguing back and forth and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere so I'll trim the quote to focus on a couple of points instead. I'm not saying tastes determine if something is good or not. Don't confuse being useless with pointless. I don't call Unairu's armor stripping useless, it's a niche that works, but it's pointless because it requires more management than the regular gameplay methods. It doesn't add anything, it just changes how it's done, unlike other schools with useful passives that do add and not just change, even if you don't like operators, through passives. That is
  12. You misunderstood what I implied on the operator vs warframe mobility. I'm not saying it's faster, it's more reliable and controllable, and it's what players are used to. In an open world, of course a long distance instant dash spam is gonna be faster than warframe parkour. Even if you travel faster not only through open worlds and regular tile sets, it's easier to miss your mark while dashing, bonking into walls. If you master the operator dash and that's what you enjoy, sure more power to you, doesn't stop it from being what most players don't enjoy though. They key ability from schools
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