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  1. Hopefully! But with DE's track record, I feel like it's just gonna be another 20 years before they do anything. Maybe, they'll """""buff""""" her in the next batch of frames. Though, I'm slightly afraid that's just gonna be them going "welp, her talons are exalted now :)".
  2. Shes now getting a new augment mod in the Arcane update and DE STILL refuses to address this. Come on, DE. Just give us some sort of acknowledgement.
  3. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Lighting on hair and eyes of the Operator not reflecting correctly in a part of the Nercaloid room. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Go into Operator mode and just stand behind Loid. EXPECTED RESULT: Reflecting on hair and eyes as normal. OBSERVED RESULT: The lighting textures appears to rapidly change, and flicker, not staying consistent on hair and eyes of the operator. REPRODUCTION RATE: 100% of the time. Only happens when standing behind Loid or directly on top of him.
  4. Part of the me wonders if they're going even give us anything in the Arcane update, but I don't trust them to do that. The Garuda tennogen skin just feels like a stab in gut. Come on DE.
  5. annnnnd it's still broken as of 29.2.3 ! :) de why this
  6. The fact it's been what? 5 months now? and they still haven't said anything is absolutely Wild (and annoying :/ )
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