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  1. I'd like this just so my frames with deluxe skins reflected this like they do in the end of quest screen.
  2. Well you got me there. I dunno I just want the third orb and was spit balling lol.
  3. I mean fair, but there isn't much to appeal to veterans period except brand spanking new content. As for newbs who need to be carried clogging pubs... meh, if you're decent you can solo any content the game throws at you, so carrying isn't a big deal (atleast imo, I can solo everything in the game and couldn't care less if newbs tag along for the ride). I disagree with the prime junk bit tho (not the statement yes that'd be faster barring exceptional luck), the fall back to everything in the game is "just farm prime junk for a week and buy whatever you want". Thats a fail safe, not a
  4. So as you may or may not know one of the devs said somehwere that they wanted a good idea/reason for the third orb before adding it. Well I have one. As we know its in a pond in Orb Vallis mining for something. We know that there was heavy orokin presence on the vallis based on al the ruins. We know that the Nef controls (or atleast can) the orbs. We know the Corpus are greedy by nature and orokin artifacts are quite valuable/of interest to the power brokers in the system. So here's my idea, Eudico wants to know what the orb is up to, so she sends you to investigate, these bount
  5. Owning the nutrio is not the same as installing it in the.... thing (I forgot what it was called). Not saying you don't have a bug, but for what its worth, I 100% have the segment installed, and my Kubrow all have 100% loyalty (and I'm prone to not playing for days or weeks at a time).
  6. Don't have a pic, but I got 28 steel essence, and 23 slivers solo after 2hrs (and like 3 min) on Gabii as Nekros w/ Smeeta. Don't remember the kills but it shoulda been in the 14-15k range. Its absurd just how much a Bramma can one shot.
  7. I don't see how that affects my khora run, and I aslo don't see how using a frame whose entire schtick is absurd survivability, for the specific purpose of surviving, is hammering a screw.
  8. I fully intended to stay longer, but encountered a bug with enemies ignoring my strangledomes randomly, kinda killed my survivability.
  9. I have never gone 40min without a single steel essence. I'm looking at 2 or more at this point in every other run I have done farming it, on top of having strangledomes up, that should not be possible, and if it is just RNG and not the drops being bugged, that means that the drop rate on the steel essence is far beyond too low.
  10. I was just running a survival farming steel essence with khora, and at several points throughout the mission enemies were running clear through my strangledome. This was happening even when there were 0 enemies snared in it, so capacity wasn't a problem. I thought maybe it was the ancient disruptors auras, but no the disruptors got snared without fail. On top of that I had a Kuva Nukor with over 100% status on it, if it were disruptor auras, the rad procs would disable them. I'm not sure if I'm missing something obvious, but this seems like a bug.
  11. This is absurd, I run hour long survivals with Inaros, and average 5 essence with no boosters, I run 40min with Khora and pilfering strangledome, and I get 0, while getting 4 riven slivers. Either something is bugged or the drop rate is beyond too low on them. I had 3811 kills when I extracted, several hundred of those were eximii, and not a single drop of essence, that should be impossible.
  12. + Damage + Finisher -Infested Message me here or ingame, please note that as an unrolled the price will be higher than if it were rolled.
  13. +Projectile Speed +Impact +Critical Damage -Magazine Message me here or in game with offers
  14. That was my first assumption as well, but no its on all hits when swarmed. Ancient healer aura is the best bet so far, but i gotta rest my hand before i do another one to test, pressing E nonstop for an hour is rough lol
  15. Hmmm Ill have to pay close attention, but I feel like it was happening even with no healers present.
  16. Something I noticed while running hour +survivals for Steel Essence, the more infested (haven't tested grineer or corpus), surrounding me, the less damage my weapon does. I was running solo for reference. I have a pretty gnarly Pennant combo build that gets astronomical crit chance (it has to be over 500, but I haven't crunched the numbers), that can one shot level 200 steel path infested ancient eximii, however if I get swarmed those 200000+ red damage popups, can go as low 100-200, with some even saying 0 and being grayed out like I just hit an invulnerable boss. Bug, intentional, void
  17. That would work too, though the people who feel survival is too easy because there aren't enough enemies would still be left high and dry.
  18. As the title says this isn't thread number 1000 bout steel path bullet sponges, I'm merrily soloing the planets and don't think it needs to be easier. What this is, is a suggestion for another mode, with the level increase and max spawns but not the health and armor multiplier. Why you ask? Because some of us like running multi hour survival endurance runs, whether it be for fun, for stress testing our builds, or for farming (looking at you pigments). So whats the problem? People who like to do that solo, for whatever reason. Most commonly, pubs wont stick around more than 30min usua
  19. Just spawned this guy and was wondering what he'd be worth
  20. Just wondering if DE had mentioned anything as its been 6mos and I could use the formas.
  21. Never received a gift in game before, does it just add to my inventory or is there something I have to do? To answer my own question, you receive it in an inbox message. Thanks again 1st-1!
  22. Looking to sell a vengeful trickster lich (has a 25% ogris) hoping for 100p open to negotiation. Also want to trade a unveiled pistol riven for a unveiled rifle riven. Message me here or in game.
  23. I can't believe I won lol, pretty sure its the first competition I've ever one. I'd like to thank Ember, and the random tenno that gave me that Helminth I almost popped before uggo-ing her, luckily I realized its hideous on everybody except Nidus, and would work in my benefit lol. Edit: Oh and my Ogris Lich that also happened to have the trickster ephemera.
  24. I found the fifth one, it changes location. mine was in the back far corner by the crane.
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