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  1. Hello everyone! Here's my submission for the contest: Edit: Uploaded the WIP instead of the final project. My bad!
  2. Here's my Valentines Love for Ticker! Happy Valentines Everyone! https://imgur.com/a/ii5t268 edit: forgot to add that this is a virtual valentine!
  3. I think its suppose to be "probability"
  4. Thanks! These are great quality of life changes and improvements. I do still have a concern with regards to Infested Kitguns and skins however. For some reason, A primary Tombfinger Kitgun with Infested parts doesn't seem to be working with skins, particularly the Oscira Rifle skin. Not sure why this is, as regular primary Kitguns as well as Infested Secondaries can use skins.
  5. DE most likely will stick to general information, like "coming in early 2021" rather than an actual date which is enough for me.
  6. Hi there, I recently found out that kitguns with infested parts cannot use skins. This might just be something that takes time to implement however.
  7. That makes so much sense. I used an infested part in my kitgun and that's why the skin option isn't showing up. Weird that DE hasn't implemented it yet but thanks for the help.
  8. After gilding from Vilcor, I can apply different colors and forma the weapon and apply Pax arcanes. I cannot use skins with the Primary Kitgun for some reason.
  9. Something tells me you haven’t even tried the weapons yet and yes, I have tested the weapons in Steel Path Mot and it further affirms that there are indeed better shotguns than the Kuva Kohm without the ammo issues. You contradict yourself by saying that the weapons have different stats so therefore a controlled variable in modding is irrelevant. Of course their stats are different, otherwise why would I do the testing in the first place if there were no distinctions. So really, you completely disregard empirical methods to fit your own mindset and instead of actually testing the weapons for y
  10. Your arguments are flawed, as you completely disregard theories of experimentation. There was a reason that the same build was used, to have a controlled variable. The same can be applied if I were to fully unmod all weapons. Also, rivens are meant to be a wild horse choice when it comes to modding, as their stats vary extremely so your argument that somehow my testing is false advertising is greatly misleading. Builds aside, clearly you want to continue arguing your point of view as you seem to criticize my thoughts with little regard to the actual method. Instead of actually taking into cons
  11. That is simply not true. With the same build, Corinth Prime and the Cedo outperform the Kuva Kohm in both kill time and DPS. Note that in this video I uninstalled the ammo mutation mod for the Kohm to have enough mod capacity for the build however I do use it in normal missions. Also, the Cedo's damage is fully realized with its secondary fire hence why it was used in this video. Shotgun Test
  12. The Cedo and Corinth Prime are comparable in damage to the Kuva Kohm during testing in the Simulacrum. I cannot upload video proof as of this moment as I am away from my PC however.
  13. The Kuva Kohm and its regular variant has weird interactions with ammo, where even with a primed shotgun mutation mod, it still cannot replenish its ammo fully and will run out throughout the course of a mission. This is odd considering that no other weapons, even in the shotgun class, has this issue and if this interaction is meant to be a balancing thing for the Kohm's damage output, then something isn't quite right as there are weapons in the primary or shotgun class that do equal or more damage without suffering from ammo issues. In lieu of its giant magazine and ammo capacity, the Kohm sh
  14. Since self-damage was removed, Akarius' minimum rocket arming distance is not working, unlike the Acceltra with a functional rocket arming mechanic. This causes the Akarius to stagger you unless you are running away from the rockets.
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