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  1. because you people are the sheep. the tests are retarded. they wouldve been better off doing mission style level ups. the tests are not hard, they are stupid and annoying, give me actual game play not this crap... and yes several weeks. its called i have other more interesting games to play, so yeah its playing 1 game a couple hrs at a time.
  2. i started playing warframe with my destiny clan, we wanted a new game to grind out, so after playing several weeks myself and my clan love the game, however we will never play again, the mastery tests are a complete turn off from the game, i mean come on, im already playing and grinding now you want me to take a ridiculous test. give me a break, we ran polls during livestreams and over 1000 people agreed they all stopped because of the stupid tests. im sure if kept the poll going we wouldve gotten alot more people to agree. i know im not the first to bring this up, i know the devs will never see this and im sure they dont care, but you could get thousands of players who love this kind of game but the tests will turn them away..
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