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  1. solution :make higher level infested spawn more juggs and spawn more elites mobs also make old armour integrity into all infested related mission on infested planets
  2. hello did i miss anything?
  3. also i would like to say we can't do S#&$ about leyou being bought by tencent and it won't mean anything since DE will just have switched investor,and everyone now should just wait and see instead of coming here screaming random things about the ccp that are completely off-topic,and if you are not happy about how DE has no word to say in this matter,and don't want Warframe to be owned by tencent because ccp and other non justified reasons then LEAVE ,like stop screaming at the void on the forums and playing this game if you are not happy with this game and its backers.plus go find an other game as certain person on this forums have stopped considering warframe as a game and more like their good friend well to those person I would invite them to take a break and go play something else for a moment(i suggests eve online). if you are still here then W A I T A N D S E E
  4. I mean grin hard squad found one good use for steel path, to level warframes in like 11min instead of the like 20min in os
  5. yes ok their profit decreased so what are you trying to say here, you mind actually saying your point rather than providing links to a 200pages long text, while you are free to think whatever you want it does not mean that you are free to spead conspiracy and fear whitout people calling you out on it, and your second and third paragraph applies to yourself really well, look you don't play the game and you yell at other on forums just like him soo what is your point, I am pretty shure that you bring a lot less useful criticism than him to this board juging by your ration of post to comm rep
  6. gettin good intensifies... and there is an obvious light from the objects what more do you need, a map?
  7. 100% agree but the issue is some people on this thread won't listen, to them china will always be the 'evil empire"that deserved to be destroyed by the knights in silver armour that is the usa (in their minds of course) and anything that has anything to do with china will be seen as evil and they will constantly make a storm out of a teapot and will dismiss all reason that do not suit their world views so don't waste time arguing with them
  8. c'mon Warframe will be fine it will just be better since DE has had no pressure to actually make good content with tencent they will now with a corporate on their heel pressuring them to make content the quality will just be better as they will have incentive
  9. oh yes of course I get all my info form the most untrustworthy and biased channel on youtube that publishes 3 vid a week despite the fact that no good informative channel publishes that much and I am completely oblivious to the fact that this channel's parent company is a falun gong offshoot that got kicked form china,and I also don't notice the guy twisthing evry info he says in a way to match his world view. like srlsy stop watching this channel as it is not a good channel to watch
  10. this tread in a nutshell: *insert Karen esque screaming* Tencent is china and china is evil because reasons and America is the holy defender of humanity because reasons and I am not willing to accept change because I am too narrow-minded to try new things or/and that I don't understand that DE is a company not your friends their staff are just doing their job and Tencent buying leyou is just business.and if that happens I am essential going to hold my breath(quitting the game) utlil things change like a 5yr cause reasons how I predict this tread will go next: boys lets all quit the game even thought i understand (or don't) that me quitting the game will have no effect on a megacorp like Tencent because i still believe that DE is our good friend since rebecca
  11. 2 after clearing half of earth and 90% of venus
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