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  1. Seems like the idle is there, but not the actual animation. Also not sure why I can even equip this animation, as I did not buy the skin. Example here: https://gfycat.com/greathalfgavial
  2. Nah mate. You get Conclave standing for playing Conclave. Wouldn't make sense any other way.
  3. Is it just me or did last unvault last significantly longer than the ones before..?
  4. Not sure if this just a UI bug or something more but i'm inclined to belive the latter: I did literally my entire list of challenges/acts in one sitting and after the 10th act, NW kinda conked out and stopped giving me the rank up rewards. I first noticed after the 9th act I was at 10,000/10,000 standing which is weird because at that point it usually resets to 0 and gives you the next reward. It did not. Like an Idiot I just proceded to complete the next act, which was a daily and rewarded 1,000 standing. Upon veiwing the nightwave screen again it showed 6,500/10,00 (which obviously
  5. You must be playing a different game lol
  6. Maybe just make melee harder to use. I haven't the experience of melee before 3.0 but from what i've seen it looked a little more interesting than it is now - "spam this button or hold this button and spam the other." Maybe if melee required actual active input in order to perform combos it wouldn't feel so mindnumbingly boring. On another note, simply buffing primaries and secondaries would just make the game even easier. Not needed at all and definitely not the move.
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