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  1. I think can just play with a group of friends in private matches if you really wanna farm standing.
  2. My apologies. I'll retract that statement, then. I'd be pleased to see what you think of the rest.
  3. Deadzone settings are huuuge. Although WF hasn't peen particularly heinous with weird deadzones on controller unlike some other big games, it's always nice to see a devs that care to add the ability to tweak em. Much love!
  4. Funniest thing is I have no clue what any of the drops are.
  5. Mag, Polarize, 100% strip, huge radius. Nova, M Prime, not 100% strip but also affects speed, huge radius. I'd say these are better. I was thinking to have one instead of the other. I feel it'd be more streamlined to strengthen your MC target with the use of Chaos (or maybe Psychic Bolts) as opposed to just going sicko mode on them for a few seconds. And if there were multiple targets than of course you'd need a better way of getting them all pumped up. What I meant by this is for enemies that are actively under Chaos be more sensitive to Psychic Bolts. So, ins
  6. I main Nyx. She is not fine. It's clear, the problem — everything she does can be done better by another frame. Her abilities don't synergize with eachother at all, despite being quite good on thier own. And a common theme for her are unnecessary and crippling limiting factors. (Plus she has a bunch of cool skins and it'd be nice to have an excuse to actually bring her into a mission and show them off) Mind control: • Change cast type to a small radius to effect a group roup of enemies, rather than an individual. Or be simply be able to cast on more than one enemy • Have mind contolled enem
  7. Regarding the latter part, there's Relentless Combination. I wonder how that would Interact with this mod.
  8. Idk... seemed a pretty effective way of aquisition to me. Now, the acolytes have just a chance of showing up. No Idea if they drop a single essence when killed or a larger quantity but this no doubt makes it a S#&$ more time consuming to farm.
  9. Also: The new "Vitrica" does absolutely absurd damage. I genuinely don't think they care..
  10. Am I the only who really dislikes AoE weapons? I like having to aim I remember a while ago, when I first built the staticor I thought at first "Wow! These sure do... look cool" And that was all, they weren't actually enjoyable to use. When I first got the bramma I took it to hydron with just a max serration (not even a catalyst) and haven't touched it since— it was too easy. Bramma + Mirage users: Not only does it kill my framerate, but also my will to live. I realize AoE is the most efficient way of clearing trash aside from abilities, but i'm not always concerned with efficien
  11. This is amazing. The amount of stuff in, and coming to this game is just... amazing Thanks to such an awesome community!
  12. Perhaps you haven't played in a while, but there's been a "toggle prime details" button for some time now. My point still stands.
  13. Thing is, we have a plethora of tennogen and in house weapon skins that are completely new models. Obviously i'm no professional but from what I've seen it is in fact, that simple. Maybe there's something I'm not understanding
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