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  1. Hey I can't find prim warframes in the market, so like do I have to trade with plat?
  2. Kapn, thx for the advice but I would rather buy more play again then wait 2 years for making my warframe look better, but thx for reminding me cus I will try to see how much costs a couple of cool looks on my warframes.
  3. @hikuro-93 thx for the advice, I am prob going to look at loki and ember, I might want to know the prices tho, if you have any idea. Because I am planning to get 1 primary weapon maybe.
  4. The title says it all, I want to know what cheap (in platinum) but useful prime warframes I can get. I am soon going to be in possession of 540 platinum, so I wanted to know what prime warframes I can buy with it.
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