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  1. Hey, I recently got ember prime, she just finished and I can't get her cus not inof invntory, I don't have inof plat, and I wanted to know if there is a way to get plat or inventory slots without buying them with money/plat.
  2. I got the frost blueprint a long time ago, and I tried to get the parts for it on Exta Ceres, but the 5 times I did the mission I got Frost chassis! I checked drop chance, and it was the same as nueroptics wich was 38.7 or sometjing and systems where rarest, it took me 5 trys to get rhino so I just got shocked, is this normal bad luck or a glitch?
  3. yes yes, but I just have to wait for the 12 hours before I can become MR4 and I meant like rlly new ppl like MR0 MR1 and MR2.
  4. I don't need anything in return of helping players under MR3, for players who don't know what MR is, you are the perfect players I can teach. I can taxi ppl to earth venus mercury mars and phobos. I got info of where to get stuff for warfames and everything for someone new. Cross play in Warframe doesnt work so I can only teach ps4 players.
  5. Honestly just use excalibur, junctions are easy, blind them, then just lash them with excaleted blade, or slash dash. eassyyyy peassyyy.
  6. I am intrested, I would love a 800 plat playment but I am ps4.
  7. I might be intrested.......but! I am ps4.
  8. Hey everyone, welcome to another vid and stream with Firsninjacole, lol. Just kiding, ok ima get down to the real reason I made this. I am a twitch streamer, and now I stream warframe, I have most stuff sorted but is there any warframe overlay for streaming? or chat bot, also alerts. If anyone knows any free chat boxes or alerts. I think I know how to add them thrue OBS but if anyone also knows how, tips and any help would be appriciated.
  9. if I want to find out what is the current price for a warframe set?
  10. i need help to understand how the website warframe market works.
  11. I recently got 540 plat, I wanted to use that plat to get prime warframes, I got ember prime for 180 and nyx prime for 120, I thought that nyx was quite good and since it was voulted I got a really cheap price, then yesterday night I wanted to get volt prime, I started the price at 100 plat, he said atleast 150, then I thought (If I got nyx prime for 120 then isn't this guy a rip off?) because it was a started so I thought it might not be worth much, at the end I paid 150 plat for all the volt prime blueprints. So can someone tell me if I got ripped off or not, and can someone give me a better understanding of the prices? I am new and I am only MR3.
  12. I need a taxi to the Alad V Assasination. I also have a clan, here is the website (it has the discord invite inside it). Link:https://radongaming.wixsite.com/fireblitzclan. If you are on phone/iphone the website will look weird and not done.
  13. I meant like to be able to claim stuff in your forge or atleast see them. I am on ps4 by the way
  14. Side question, how do I change my pfp in warframe? Because i just have the warframe logo in game and in this website.
  15. I have heard there is a app that you can check everything in your ship on the phone, I don't have a phone, so I was wondering if there was a website I could visit, I am thinking there probably isn't, so is there a way to request this addition to the warframe website?
  16. Hey I can't find prim warframes in the market, so like do I have to trade with plat?
  17. Kapn, thx for the advice but I would rather buy more play again then wait 2 years for making my warframe look better, but thx for reminding me cus I will try to see how much costs a couple of cool looks on my warframes.
  18. @hikuro-93 thx for the advice, I am prob going to look at loki and ember, I might want to know the prices tho, if you have any idea. Because I am planning to get 1 primary weapon maybe.
  19. The title says it all, I want to know what cheap (in platinum) but useful prime warframes I can get. I am soon going to be in possession of 540 platinum, so I wanted to know what prime warframes I can buy with it.
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