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  1. Devs described deck 12 as an event rather than an expansion of fortuna.
  2. Ok, a bit of a problem here. Unless the orb had massive resistance to regular weapons, either people just lanka one shot the orb limbs and body, or those archguns are incredibly powerful to the point of game-breaking. I agree with this, if the weapon swap worked 100% of the time, even in the air, i would like it much more. Im ok with the cooldown, chroma + ammo chain makes that cooldown usually 30 sec or less, but the animation should be able to be used in the air and actually work every time.
  3. They said before tennocon but im 90% sure thats not happening.
  4. Eh my only issue with barrukk is the fact that the waves dont buils combo counter, but other than that its ok
  5. If the rhino is afk, then yes they get warned, but if rhino is shooting and stuff its all good. Umbra can fight *with* you, not *for* you, dont just sit there in void mode essentially afk while umbra plays the game for you. Was old peacemaker mesa and holding m1 and throwing your mouse around efficient? Yes, but DE still removed it for promoting an inactive playstyle.
  6. Old dracos objective was an interception, not a defense.
  7. 1. Get magus elevate 2. Press 5 twice 3. Get 200-400hp back 4. Profit Also you can run efficiency to lower health cost of despoil to super low levels anyway.
  8. Around day 1 i went around with a booster and kavat and I haven't had to mine any ores since.
  9. You cant bullet jump in prowl, only roll. If you bullet jump or sprint it breaks the invis
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