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  1. Most of the raid was having fun with people you were raiding with, whether you just met them or if they were people you already knew. The rewards took long enough to get so that you had a reason to get on everyday and go, "raid tonight boys" or whatever. The actual gameplay was mixed in my opinion, I personally liked some parts (law of retribution symbol puzzle) and disliked others (jordas verdict archwing maze). If you weren't being social alongside the raids I can imagine the experience wouldn't be fun or interesting but it did give groups greater than 4 a reason to get on and play some Warframe together.
  2. I usually just knock it down 3 times and it goes away if they don't stab.
  3. I think they're kind of okay the way they are, if they just improved the accuracy a bit. I think something cool they *could* do is add a heavy ballista unit, which has a similar head weakness and damage reduction to the Nox that uses either a new Grineer sniper rifle or just to original Vulkar, but in close proximity to the player pulls out the new Grineer gunblade, the Vastilok. This would encourage players to take an aim duel at range and aim for the head to take it out, rather than risk taking a Vastilok shot up close. I dunno, I just like the idea of an enemy type that encourages the player to take an aim duel, maybe there's a better way to do that but that's just what I thought of on the spot.
  4. Here's some ideas for new Nightwave Acts (just for fun). If you have any other ideas feel free to add your own. If new story Nightwaves are on the backburner for now, I think that the best way to expand Nightwave is to add new challenges to keep it fresh. Daily (1000 Standing): - Remote Surveillance: Destroy 5 Security Measures (Cameras, Arc Traps, Sensor Bars) - Constructor: Craft At Least 1 Time Using The Foundry - Slippery Slope: Slide 200 meters in total Weekly (4500 Standing): - Embrace The Storm: Open 2 Relics in Void Storm Missions Elite Weekly (7000 Standing): - Ambulas Assassin: Kill at least 15 enemies using a hacked Ambulas. - Bug Boost: Complete a K-Drive Race using a Velocipod on the Cambion Drift.
  5. This ^ While it is true that a majority of players will farm some of the grindier frames as prime before normals, that doesn't mean that they won't come back to farm the normal variants since the Helminth system has tangible gameplay benefit to acquiring the normals. I agree with basically everything in the quoted post. Primes shouldn't be skipped for lore reasons, not only for money but also because many players get excited for specific primes they want, and to deny them that would be a huge lost opportunity.
  6. It may be that Kahl isn't actually killing them, just sending them back to the mothership to respawn due to his lack of Oro, resulting in the inability to actually permenantly kill one. Just a thought?
  7. I like how moving the mods to Arbitration defines a clear structure for incoming players to go through. Complete starchart -> Do some arbitrations -> Do some steel path. The player has the option to do steel path still but it encourages some sort of order to the various areas of farming rather than having a bunch of different things to farm with little to no direction. I do like them doubling the vitus drop rate, and since the mods are only 20 vitus each, the farm isn't as bad as I thought it would be. I think/hope that this change will make DE revisit Arbitrations to make some minor changes that would be real difference-makers. Some things about arbitrations vs Steel Path: - Both the blue and orange booster have some tangible effect on vitus drop rates, while not being guaranteed in comparison to Steel Essence. An additional thing this means is that the MR 30 resource boost blessing has an effect on arbitrations, which is usually useless on kuva or steel essence farms. - It provides a more "unique" challenge compared to Steel Path, but I still think the drones need to be revisited in terms of how they function. - Arbitrations encourage using Warframes that self-buff rather than debuff enemies due to enemy immunities from the drones, while the Steel Path is fine with either but the enhanced armor and shield values really encourage enemy debuffing. - Companions shouldn't insta-die on Arbitration. - Gamemodes like defense really need to be fixed for Arbitration and/or there needs to be 2-3 options per hour for the alerts (think steel path incursions but hourly) - Maybe the arbitration drones should have a connection limit? (5 chained enemies max?) - As many people have stated, Steel Path enemy spawnrates should apply to Arbitrations, just to make them more satisfying to play. If you agree or disagree with any of this stuff feel free to let me know why.
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