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  1. Unless this thread somehow gets thousands of people to start selling aura mods, the market isn't going to be saturated, and a trade is guaranteed if you're smart about it.
  2. Oh damn, I've made like 8k plat through trading so far, I'm glad that hasn't happened to me lol. I'd hope at the very least DE doesn't ban people who had nothing to do with the bad plat, just traded.
  3. Because they all go in and out of rotation, meaning if you missed the rotation you can either wait for it to come back, or buy it off someone else. In this case a lot of people choose to buy it off someone else.
  4. Tbh I played Diablo 3, most of the grind was fairly tame. Farming rifts was absolute hell though.
  5. These are like 1/5th of the Gen discussion users, they're on every thread lol
  6. Pc master race? What are you talking about? Not once did I ever hint at that but ok. How am I meta because I bring defense frames to defense missions? DE designs frames to do specific things, so if I use warframes how they were designed to be used, I'm meta? That means you'd actively have to go against game design and logic to not be "meta," That's true, you only need one frame to complete the STAR MAP. However if you're doing literally any endgame content, you'll find you need specific frames for specific things. If you play like this, you're either a jerk who brings excal to an eid
  7. Again, what? Why is everyone so salty on the forums? Every thread I make is flooded by people butthurt for no reason. If you don't want like my suggestion whatever, it was a suggestion. The guy you're talking about wasn't "not agreeing" with me, he was being a troll and insulting people for no reason. Why are you encouraging this behavior? .
  8. I know most fashion-framers have experienced a point in their life where they'd love to apply a shoulder piece to one of their skins, only to have the shoulder armor look out of place/clip. Give us the ability to adjust where the shoulder plates sit on our shoulders, much like the ability to adjust where our weapon holsters.
  9. If I remember, they even called it a turret in her ability reveal trailer.
  10. While I agree the ability needs a damage or duration buff, I completely disagree with giving it 360 aiming, unless you want mesa 2.0. The locked firing range works perfectly fine, that's why you have more than one.
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