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  1. I use Bronco and Dizzying Rounds to get mercy kills on the regular.
  2. I have to admit this ability is a little underwhelming. I find myself not using it and just returning to my old habit of ground pound everything on the minimap.... worse part is its faster then using the ability. So maybe add cephalon codex entries and soma chords and rare caches to the mix for more viability... not sure.
  3. Probably like the Lemnas Staff skin it will be back next year? I was at tennoconn last year but never received this staff skin: and this year I got it at the start.
  4. Places to get Built Forma IN GAME! Lua Music Puzzle Plato has a 12.5% chance to drop a fully built forma on a riser in the back of the room not where you get your octavia piece...same room though. Void missions Secret Cache have a chance for fully built forma or blueprints. Secret Cache looks like a glowing/humming regular large loot container but hum like cache lockers in sabotage/exterminate missions. Loot Find and/or Golden Instinct Helminth ability can help... AND HEADPHONES to hear the hum. 12.5% chance for full forma, also captura scenes, 30 min boosters. Daily Sortie
  5. I cheesed this and MR 9 with Wisp(jump to be invis) frame Ash Specter and Ash had Baza Prime(silenced uzi), Despair(throwing knives), Twin Basolk. Just drop him and let him clear a path. Hope that helps.
  6. I got this too. I was at the last tennoconn and never got this but ended up getting it this year right at the start. I looked at my Bo Staff I still have the skin.
  7. Bronco Bronco Prime w/ Dizzying Rounds Augment to get constant Finishers. Really Good on High Tank Targets with new Impact changes. Base Build 6 Forma Hornet Strike - Barrel Diffusion - Lethal Torrent - Pummel Magnum Force - Concussion Rounds - Augur Pact - Dizzying Rounds Suppress New Build 6 Forma Hornet Strike - Galvanized Diffusion - Galvanized Crosshairs - Pummel Magnum Force - Concussion Rounds - Galvanized Shot - Dizzying Rounds Spry Sights - Secondary Dead Head First Build for more Melee Centric Combat Second Build for More Hot Streak Kill Sprees With Just the Gun.
  8. Ya run it enough it does drop from regular loot tables on yellow objective. TY
  9. Ya its C rotation. Think for that mission after the 4th round it stays C rotation every round after.
  10. Ya add me to this list. Ran 3 dozen missions on earth no POI's. I just started Arbitrations was getting all 3 ephemeras. I had 500 Oberon systems before I sold them not knowing I would need one more system.
  11. Do Points of Interest still spawn around earth done like 3 dozen missions no POI have spawned in yet... still a thing?
  12. Finished getting my 3rd sister and on the mission exit it showed I'd earned an ephemera from making a new sister and recovering credits? The ephemera was the one I'd earned from killing the last sister yesterday. Carry over from the last sister?
  13. Zephyr is my favorite. Check out my stream for some of my builds.
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