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  1. As said in the title, once the Oscira pack was released i bought some of the items, and i noticed that at least on Rhino, but not on other frames from what i saw, this bug doesn't occur. It's like if the string is not in position. Here's some photos of the front: And the back: Also, the light map of some NPCs is weird, the ones i noticed are Simaris at the start so SO and ESO: And Ergo Glast in the Syndicate screen: Hope this was the right place to post it. Keep up the good work DE!
  2. So, as i was saying in the first post for yesterday's patch, i am having some problems with the rendering of the game. I am now providing with photo evidence of these problems, hope you guys can solve it. As you can see here, even though i'm using the classic golden vitruvian theme, in the navigation when i select a loadout there's a green tint that it wasn't there before. As i was saying yesterday, not only the game looks way less sharper, but also way brighter. Consider my Brightness is at 50 where it has always been since i started playing, and i use TAA x8 + 100% Sharpening. I'
  3. Hi, just some feedback as i play through the new update: The colors are off, like in my loadout selection there's a lof of green even though i have the classic gold vitruvian theme active. Text seems a bit blurry, the whole game actually, i use 8x TAA + Max Sharpening. The game also looks a lot more more brigher, especially in my orbiter. Hope this is helpful, keep it up with the good work! edit: If i change theme and then go back to it the theme doesn't have that weird green in the loadout screen. Still way too bright though.
  4. Thanks for your advice, i never used Wyrm so i might give it a try! Anyway, i decided to go for Djinn as well, but not as my primary but for endurance runs, mostly cause of Looter. 🙂
  5. I agree, for Endurance runs, but for normal gameplay i think Carrier with Looter is just too good, even 1000h in is nice to get Orokin Cells while bullet jumping around.
  6. Oh yeah, i agree, i was asking more on the perspective of: i'm going to do an endurance, is Djinn a valuable option since eventually Carrier will die? Carrier + Looter is just crazy good.
  7. I do have Vigilante Supplied, and i don't spam, my question is, suppose that i do have to spam not to be overwhelmed by enemies or whatever, would Djinn with Ammo Mutation on the weapon be enough compared to carrier?
  8. Hi, So, i noticed that even with Primed Regen, in high level content Carrier Prime has a good chance of dying, so i was wondering if Djinn with Ammo Mutation on the weapon is still a good source for ammo, since i usually do Survivals/Arbitrations with my Rhino and the Kuva Bramma. Obviously since the last changes i need ammo mutation more than ever to use Bramma, and i was thinking that Djinn being able to come back to life every 90s with Vacuum would be a great solution compared to Carrier, what i wonder is: would ammo mutation on the weapon only be enough?
  9. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
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