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  1. My personal gripe with damage 2.0 is how unintuitive it is that adding IPS stats are almost always negatively affecting your weapons performance because of status proc weighting. The only exception here is Slash in some cases. But even Slash is desired as a negative on many Rivens for more corrosive procs. Largely due to how effective corrosive is at killing tough enemies quick. No matter how great your Slash build is, Corrosive will kill it quicker. Nerfing Corrosive would make Slash more viable, but I think many would agree this is not a desired approach. Reducing the effectiveness of enemy armor is an indirect nerf to both Corrosive and Slash. There are fixes to be made for the remaining IPS values, Puncture and Impact. For example you could make a Puncture proc ignore armor for that shot. Impact procs could permanently reduce the target's max health by, say, 20% of current health (akin to denting, caving in armor). These are just ideas, you may or may not get the point. You could target the source of the problem, the enemy armor, a fix to the exponential armor scaling would reduce the need for corrosive damage. But would now render Slash less desired, unless an overall buff to Slash's tick-rate and/or damage was issued. Making it a generally good proc to have for all types of health. I do expect Gas to take over as king if armor is made weaker. That would have to be adjusted as well, as much as I love my Gas damage. Rivens: The current state of IPS is furthering the random element and peak prices of Rivens, as you are now not looking for 3 positive stats and a harmless negative in a best case scenario. You are looking for 4 positive stats on the same riven. Removing IPS has a huge effect on status chance weighting. The game prioritizes IPS four times higher than elemental damage. Based on the amount of total damage that damage type holds. If a weapon does 2000 impact damage and 4000 corrosive, whenever a status proc occurs you are twice as likely to get an Impact proc over a Corrosive proc. Effectively, this Impact damage divides your status chance by 3. A minus 100% Impact riven by itself is tripling your amount of Corrosive procs. You can also mention the fact that Impact procs as of now screws with your aim, and makes headshots harder, further reducing effective dps. Your point of corrosive procs completely removing armor instead of leaving it very low is also removing the bonus damage Corrosive holds towards Ferrite armor, is a good one (what a sentence!). This means shooting and enemy more reduces the damage you deal to them, I think we can agree, not very intuitive. It is unnecessarily complicated when dealing with a horde of enemies to take into consideration. Parrying and melee Stances with Combos is also an example of unnecessarily complicated combat systems in a horde shooter. I will end this post by saying I hope enemies stay tough to kill, enemies that soak more bullets are more fun to shoot at. Seeing numbers fly everywhere is enjoyable for me and I would like to keep that aspect.
  2. The Vigilante mod set doesn't need to be equipped on the weapon you use. These could be on your sentinel weapon: Vigilante Armaments Vigilante Supplies Vigilante Fervor Vigilante Offense These could be on your warframe: Vigilante Pursuit Vigilante Vigor
  3. Very interesting, will definitely give this a try. Don't think I'll be using Adaption over Rolling Guard on him atm. But I already use Naramon for executing dash, could always throw in a Concuss mine beforehand to create a shield buffer. Thanks for the tip!
  4. Except that's not how Slash bleeds works at all. The Slash portion of the IPS only matters in terms of status chance weighting and dismembering. When talking Hunter Munitions, it has no effect. When calculating bleed damage: (base damage x base damage mods x faction mods) x (0.35 x faction mods) = damage per bleed tick. Note how the faction mod multiplier is taken into account twice. And that enemy armor and elemental mods are completely disregarded. Meaning you can hit for 100 and still bleed for 10 000. The 0.35 is the fixed bleed multiplier, and cannot be modified.
  5. I think that would defeat the purpose of the Archguns. Currently, they don't really have an identity in the game for 2 reasons: - They're not stronger than your other weapons. - You are still very mobile while using them. I would much prefer it if pulling out the Archgun was a concious desicion made when you need to rain down absolute hell. Much like using an 'ultimate ability'. - Limit the mobility of the archgun is general. - Drastically limit mobility while firing. - Operator mode can still be used to reposition the archgun. - Quadruple their damage across the board. - Other bonuses such as knockdown immunity, stagger immunity, could also apply. My opinion on the matter.
  6. Make entering Operator client-side. I find it discouraging to play with others at the moment because of this. 25% chance of enjoying the game, no thanks, I'll just play solo.
  7. Life Strike out for Organ Shatter.
  8. In general I agree, but I have an issue with this statement. Komorex is DoT heavy, yes. And the Zoomed in aoe fire mode is easily the best. Which makes you want to slot in fire rate to make up for the negative. Building for DoT's means that a faction mod is mandatory, double/triple dipping into +55% is huge. Also, if you build for gas (highly recommended) you want as much toxin as possible. Taking these statements into account we have now occupied 5 mod slots: Vile Acceleration Primed Bane of the Grineer 60/60 fire 60/60 toxin 90 toxin Adding the mandatory Serration and Split Chamber leaves 1 mod slot for Harkonar Scope Now that all slots are taken we see that if we want a riven for this gun we need to replace a mod. Fire Rate is my suggestion. To scale the gas damage further a nice riven for this gun in my opinion is + Fire Rate + Multishot/Damage + Toxin and - puncture or slash, to incentivize gas procs Now this is just based off of my own experiences with the weapon and building for gas in general and are by no means set in stone. I am also heavily biased towards gas since i only play Vauban, and hitting a bunch of vortex'd enemies with aoe gas weapons is nutty. So take my inputs with a grain of salt.
  9. Assuming unrolled it might go for 100-200pl on PC considering the recent buffs. PS4 prices tend to be a little lower.
  10. Zhuge prime deals good damage. Modding is completely standard. More news at 2100.
  11. I agree with this, the rest is bollocks.
  12. Very excited to see what might change with my favorite frame, Vauban. Anything tangible-but-also-subject-to-change you can share with us?
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