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  1. I was doing the mission in my necromech and when the little cinematic ended i was frozen in mid air and i couldn't transfer out or anything. Ended up having to abort the mission because i was permanently stuck.
  2. Ghoul saw sounds like its chirping and the Ripkas's left chain direction needs to be reversed.
  3. the thing chirps like a cricket when i use it.
  4. I figured it out after awhile. I used Nidus with the augment to detonate the Larva. Launch while i go to get the canister and then detonate it to drop them and then toss. Issue is i barely got by since the AI again seemed to malfunction and lose their pathing like ants. I'd have to larva several times to get a good group to canister. Quite annoying.
  5. Happens sometimes. If it is lag then again a charge meter would solve the issue. Doesn't have to take as long as fireballs charge but it would fix it.
  6. I use PC, Mouse and keyboard. And this isn't about switching between hold and press. This is about the game seeing my press input as a hold sometimes and messing things up. I will give a brief tap of the key and it will mistaken that tap as a hold and deploy the sentinel revival protocol instead of the resource dispensing protocol. And if its not clear what i mean by a charge meter thing about Ember's fireball and Vauban's Tesla charging.
  7. It needs one of those crosshair charge meters that you have to fully hold to deploy. I'm tired of starting a mission where I tap dispensary only for it to deploy the sentinel repair one because the server things I held the button instead of tapping it. I have a specific build that requires me to have a sentinel as part of it and it's built around Repair Dispensary. Issue is at the start I have to wait till I have enough energy to deploy the dispenser to get going. So please can you add a safety net so the wrong one doesn't deploy and short stop my run from the start?
  8. No. I just chose blissful ignorance for the longest time but I just can't anymore.
  9. It's sad that i know DE will just beat those weapons with the nerf stick instead of making a real reason to use non AOE weapons. I'm starting to feel less and less invested in warframe due to the ever looming threat of my gear being made obsolete for the sake of "balance"
  10. Ahh i see. Well the Corinth prime has a 3 second reload so i'm only slightly less skeptical now that you said this. I didn't see the reload time. But the prime reloads slightly faster then the strun wraith.
  11. Please don't do it dirty like the Corinth Prime. Keep the sequential tube loading the normal Strun and normal Corinth have. I know it hasn't come out yet but as I've always seen when people take that mindset and something comes out wrong they complain later instead of nipping the problem in the bud early.
  12. Maybe make riptide have double range on enemies who are being held by bubbles?
  13. Hey perfect change to aqua blades. I have them on my hydroid already and i was planning to try and make the undertow smaller so they would be cut before falling in but you solved that issue. Thank you DE!
  14. Tempest Barrage shouldn't be be what it is. It should be a large AOE blast. The cannon fires 5 times before it ends with pauses between shots to "reload" the cannon. It hits the spot with a large AOE water blast that makes enemies lifted status. His tidal surge needs toeh Vial Rush treatment as in jumping can cancel it since atm you can't stop it. If you hit the ability to cancel it it just recasts and continues. Undertow should be a dual cast in a way. Activate to be a puddle. Hold cast to a new location to teleport to the new location. The tentacles from the swarm should have a small puddle at their location to shoot at to transfer damage to the ones they are holding and melee should strike them to transfer damage to what they are holding.
  15. Indeed. Only went halfway. Decided to turn it into a hitscan automatic blaster.... you know what its the flux auto blaster now.
  16. The tenet flux assault rifle isn't a constant beam. It works like any of the other existing assault rifles in the game so why can't you allow me to use one of the universal rifle skins?
  17. When i go to throw the Xoris half the time it seems to collide with me and cause the explosion effect putting me in the long drawn out flip dodge animation. Seeing as everything is attacking me its causing serious issues in combat as I'm a sitting duck while waiting for my frame to slowly recover.
  18. I know but it feels like the only acceptable way this frame could be prime. Originally they should have come up with something that could be equal to Prime to try and keep some semblance of lore.
  19. I just hope they keep with that lore they mentioned where it was a Nidus that forced itself to be prime by infection orokin stuff. It evolved.
  20. Oh my goodness THANK YOU. I also hate what they did to the flux rifle. They just snapped the alt fire from the Fulmin onto it in a lazy fashion. I get this pandemic has broke many things but these weapons should have really gone through more of an RnD and test server to see peoples opinion. They need to change these weapons now while they can otherwise if they touch them later you're gonna get the people who complain about all the forma they demand refunds of.
  21. I don't like PVP at all. I'm against PVP. But... I think the way the Grineer/Corpus characters are controlled it works out better for PVP then what we have now. You're not bouncing around mashing attacks to hope to hit something. So even tho i dislike PVP i think a PVP mode using them is far better then PVP as Frames. Honestly just remove mods for the PVP mod and just have a setup like if you played unreal. Just pure fun without thinking about builds and such. I might consider trying PVP.
  22. Right to the point. I notice when i use skins on some weapons like bladed skins on zaws that aren't bladed they still make an impact notice instead of a slicing one. The Tannukai is a stick yet it makes slicing noises. You have skins for guns that change sounds so why not melee?
  23. Machete Wraith came out in update 22. Prisma Machete comes out in update 26. Why are the stats worse then the wraith which has been out longer? The Prisma Gorgon at least has some different stats compared to the Gorgon Wraith. But the Machete Wraith is just an upgrade over the Prisma. Both sold by Baro so its not like you can't get your hands on the wraith.
  24. I would prefer a shotgun over the grenade launcher cause it still plays into the 2 special mods that are Tetra only.
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