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  1. Syndicates need to be more immersive and not just a glorified vendor. Build on the syndicate alliances and their inner faction wars, with related missions that aren't just hide and seek for medals. Have the metals as rewards. Really would be awesome if as the player you really felt like part of the syndicate you choose and the enemy syndicates actually felt like a threat. Also ranking up should not only give you access to more rewards but more influence and perks within that syndicate.
  2. Yup...at the very least the visual changes and for god sakes give him a better passive.
  3. Interesting ideas. Personally I miss the visuals of the original infinite range renewal and would like that back, however with the pace of the game I can understand why the AoE is better. My ideal revisit would be to give him the original infinite range seeking orbs on cast in addition to a 23m aura around Oberon while it's active. For Phoenix Renewal I'd like to see a 5m AoE blind when it's triggered and while it's recharging the Renewal Orb orbits that player.
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