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  1. I’m really starting to hate nightwave. It’s just a content wall...a content wall of terrible content. Which qualifies for a make warframe great again statement. It sucks because It’s having to do a bunch of dull, tedious, crappy sub missions, over and over. None of which are actually fun, having to do it in a time frame and not whenever I feel like. And if I don’t do it, which I won’t cause it sucks. I miss the season, the rewards, lore, market items. The alert system was bland but even that was more fun than this crap. It was certainly more engaging, felt like you were doing missions and not chores. I’m fine not doing nightwave if I don’t like it, but not when you miss out on that much content, especial-goddamn-ly lore based content. I’d suggest bringing back the alert system with nightwave rolled in, with longer lasting and More frequently refreshing alerts. Say 1 alert per hour, 3hr time limit to complete, with a max of 3 active alerts and a cap of how many alerts per day. Just enough that you always have at least one when you log on. Use nightwave standing to increase number of max alerts or increase number of alerts you receive per day. Each alert is a random mission type with an accompanying “nightwave challenge”. - speaking of challenges can we get rid of the unlock riven, forma a weapon etc challenges. We don’t need more incentive to do those, and it’s a waste of resources. Dumb challenge, trash can juice. Each mission rewards a combination of credits/resource/mod + nightwave credits + nightwave standing. The nightwave credit reward is increased by defeating nightwave targets that randomly appear in missions. Nightwave standing reward is increased by completing the nightwave challenge.
  2. Man I’m really starting to hate nightwave. It’s just a content wall.. Having to do a bunch of tedious, crappy sub missions. None of which are actually fun, having to do it in a time frame and not whenever I feel like. And if I don’t do it, which I won’t cause it sucks. I miss the season, the rewards, lore, market items. The alert system was bland but even that was more fun than this crap. I’m fine not doing it, but not when you miss out on that much content.
  3. While I agree there is an over saturation of waste mods as rewards, infested salvage being a good example. Having only rarer mods drop as mission rewards may be a better solution than removing them completely. Endo, Kuva, forma/catalyst/reactor/exilus blueprints should be more common in higher tier drop tables as well.
  4. Channeling is simply being changed to not using energy. It’s basically the same manually activated system revamped, don’t be fooled by a new label. That’s a good change of course, it if comes with useful new mods. If we’re removing things that aren’t used by the majority instead of improving them then the game is in for a serious trim. Blocking should be a useful element of a dedicated melee mode if that’s how a player wants to play. Which is the actual thing I’m suggesting, dedicated melee and dedicated secondary+melee equip modes each with their own benefits
  5. Removing the manual blocking and holding to channel was a horrible idea. Sure switching between melee/gun is seamless but it’s also quite annoying when you can’t block or channel when you want to, or you switch to Secondary by accident coming out of melee. Suggest reverting to the old ways and increasing the weapon switch speed so it feels faster. Roll the auto blocking and transition to aiming/firing as a feature for pistol+one handed melee weapons, whenever that gets added, if that’s still the plan. It just makes more sense. Leave the auto block for exhalted weapons only.
  6. all Good points. The way I see it is Corrosive is king because of that -armor rather than that +75 It May be too risky a move to nerf corrosive to make the other types as viable, the backlash would be madness. I would suggest reducing the value on all -health/armor/shield effects but also adding them to the status effects of other damage types at various intensities. For example. (And I don’t presume to know what values would make sense, if you do I’ll happily edit this post) -armor includes; puncture (-7.5% armor), corrosive (-15%armor), blast(-10%armor) -health includes; slash, heat and poison (-a%health), viral(-a% health)X1.5, gas (-a% health)x2 -shields includes; impact, cold, electricity (-a%shields), magnetic (-a%shields)x2, radiation (-a%shields)x1.5 This reduces the gap between the weaker elements and stronger ones and the need for corrosive, while putting more focus on using the best combination for the situation. Dropping the +75 of corrosive down to +25 in this instance would be a trade off rather than a straight nerf. I also see adding a critical multiplier based on status chance/duration necessary to keep those sweet damage numbers up as well as keep beam weapons that don’t deal ips still viable. Adding more faction variations like grineer with shields or infested units that keep their shields/armor from when they used to be grineer/corpus would be great too. Since -health effects seem to be the strongest here. Hopefully this makes sense.
  7. Same man. Like I said the only interesting thing about his 4 is the credit drop, and that could easily just be his passive. I haven’t played Hildryn so not sure about the wings and flying around, but definitely down town have effigy be like a eidolon lure where you can command to follow or hold position. Besides that the other buffs I suggested like invisibility and the benefits to his duration abilities would make effigy actually useful.
  8. Better but still not a good enough reason to use his 1 when you can just shoot things. Dead is the best CC when talking about Chroma
  9. Thanks for the suggestions. I don’t think it’s that over powered. In terms of raw damage, even maxing out your charges to 400% damage is not that much cause as you rightfully said it’s just base elemental damage. It’s mainly just for the status effect. That said, the Spectral scream changes are my least favorite in what I wrote and I’m open to suggestions on changing them. Same for effigy roar, the damage of the roar is negligible at higher levels. The main thing for effigy is the unlimited duration on ward and vex armor, since the energy drain is so heavy on effigy. The invisibility just adds a bit of usefulness to effigy as well. I pretty much only use it for the credit boost as it is right now. Which is not worth it. Nothing really changes about elemental ward. The most op thing you can do is increase armor, shields and health at the same time - which you have to build your charges to do. He’ll still do the same amount of damage he currently does from vex armor and you still have to manage keeping the buffs active for it to make sense.
  10. I see a lot of Chroma rework threads that suffer from two problems IMO, One is being overly simplistic and not solving his issues and two is being wildly overpowered - I myself being guilty of doing both. So I'm putting in my two sense to hopefully come out somewhere in between those. We all know the basic goals of any Chroma rework: Change elements on the fly Make Spectral Scream useful Make Effigy worthwhile But how do you do those things in an interesting way without making him super complicated? Here's an example of interesting but overly complicated changes that i'll be adapting some ideas from: How I want to go about it is first by adding a charged meter that I'll call his Ruin Meter that will function similar to Nidus or Saryn's first ability IE Your first ability builds the meter, and the purpose of it is to add synergy between Spectral Scream, Elemental Ward and Effigy. How it works: It would appear on your UI as 4 icons (Similar to Wisp's 1st ability) One icon for each element. Use your first ability to Charge the Ruin meter for the currently selected element - the higher the charge, the stronger your first ability is when using that element. Dealing up to 100% more damage per charge - charges don't run out unless you are downed or you spend them on your 4th ability. PASSIVE: I think the energy color selection is a big aspect of the Chromatic dragon theme. What I would change about it is to allow the player to select 4 colors in their loadout, one for each element - Now that we have enough emissives and energy slots it's more than possible. Spectral Scream: Goals are to have this be his most used ability - To not only switch energy colors but also buff his elemental damage and provide CC. Elemental Ward: Goals are not to add anything to the effects but instead allow Chroma to use multiple at a time, becoming the adaptable dragon by managing and setting up your elements. Vex Armor: No changes besides applying the Scorn/Fury effect to Effigy increasing it's Health and Damage by 100% Effigy: Goals are to make Effigy useful enough to justify the huge energy drain and balance the con of losing 50% armor. Any feedback on these ideas is welcome.
  11. So my biggest peeve with most chroma reworks...including my own past suggestions, is that they tend to ignore Chorma's actual theme. He's a "Chromatic" dragon. So while all the dragon related abilities are great, Color is as important to his theme as sound is to Octavia. The best Passive for him IMO is what he has currently - but definitely allow the player to swap between 4 pre-selected energy colors in mission. Also rolling in the +60% credit drop from Effigy to his passive wouldn't hurt either. Too much inspo from Wisp I think. For me, Simply making his first ability change his energy color and provide better utility (elemental combinations) would be enough
  12. I'd say for balancing issues, Simply giving Chroma the passive of 60% increased credit drop rather than having it only work while Effigy is active is a huge upgrade by itself. Since it's the most attractive thing about effigy for me personally. Definitely needs to cycle through elements. I'd prefer that Chroma deals a Radial knockdown On Activation of spectral scream and the longer it's active the more the damage ramps up. Considering this ability is meant to inflict Status and have some light CC rather than deal tons of damage. I like a lot of these, especially the Electric. However, it's quite a lot and with everything else you suggested Chroma will be god op, taking into account arcanes, etc. you can also put on him. Personally I think Elemental Ward needs more simplistic changes. Such as: On cast - remove status procs. You are Not immune, but you can remove. Allow multiple casts of Elemental Ward. One for each element. Fin. Simply put. It functions the same but you can now have all of Chromas Elemental Ward buffs active at once - each on their own timer, with icons on screen to show which are active. However, you cannot recast the same element until it's timer runs out. Reason being, Cold and Heat are the most beneficial but the other other two are good for utility. There's no need for every single element to be great - but they can play off each other to make Chroma stronger as a whole without changing the way any of them work. Again, it's quite a lot in the grand scheme of things and could make him op. Vex armor doesn't need to be changed - besides the annoyance of having to monitor and recast before it runs out, it's a solid ability. Of all his abilities, Effigy needs the most work. Though turning it into a exalted sentinel wouldn't do it for me. Instead I would prefer it function like an Eidolon Lure - with Follow, Hold commands. How it should function IMO should be based on 3 facets: Attacks, Synergies and Benefits to Chroma himself. Currently it has 3 attacks: Stream, Radial attack, Radial Roar Stream and Radial Attack are based on element and Roar is just a 30m Stun. Radial Attack increased to 8m and has 100% status chance. Radial Roar reduced to 25m but also now opens enemies to finishers. While Chroma is within 8m of Effigy he is invisible. Invisibility lasts 5s after leaving the radius. (Keep in mind you can have effigy follow you to keep the invis going) Synergy with Vex Armor: Vex Armor increases the damage of Effigy attacks by 25% and increases Health of Effigy by 25% - That's about 2500 Element Damage/s and 10000 Health.(Affected by strength mods) Effigy and Chroma share the Vex buff - if one gets hit it increases the buff for both. Synergy with Elemental Ward: Within 8m of Effigy Elemental Wards have their duration reset Synergy with Spectral Scream: Within 8m of Effigy changing your Element will change the element damage of Effigy as well The goal is to justify the huge energy drain of using effigy by making it extremely useful, essential something you could mod for instead of typically just modding for Vex armor strength and duration.
  13. Did he make the changes in the thread or did he edit his post? Edit: Cause I don't see it in the thread and the edited post still looks OP to me. Genuinely wondering if I missed something.
  14. Holy S#&$. This. I read the passive alone and realized how OP this was gonna be.
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