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  1. Awesome job! :D If there's one complaint I had it'd be that I've only 1 monitor! How am I supposed to enjoy them all at the same time! :p
  2. Well, I would recommend Banshee as she is quite the rare sight. But for spoiler-related reasons, she will be getting much more attention soon from players. Equinox though is a pretty well-rounded frame that I myself don't see too often.
  3. 8:00 pm EST. I'll be sure to show up : )
  4. That moment when they will inevitably forget to use the spoiler tag :(
  5. I've had this happen a few times as well. I always just leave and then redo the mission solo. Not sure what causes it : /
  6. It has to be his Neuroptics Blueprint that drops from Eximus units. As far as I'm aware you cant use an alt helmet to build any frame. There just different style choices.
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