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  1. You don't cause the tenno is different from the warframe. I could go more in depth, but its... complicated.
  2. Me, wishing I had enough time to progress far enough to get to old mate. Honestly I'm mr10, and I got no flippin rivens, not that many primed mods(like 2), and somehow I've done all the main line quests. However, I do have paraceisis, gelatine prime, a,so-so railjack,azima, sigma and octanis, and Tigris prime, and a maxed out umbral armor mod. Other than that, I'm pretty trash.
  3. Wait, really? I haven't noticed that. Does that only apply to main lines? I might test this(time to do grove, patient zero, and jordas).
  4. My tenno isn't leader material. Hes just a edgey space ninja teen who killed a queen, destroyed some kuva, ticked off an eldritch void god/demon/whatever, helped a witch(palladino), pilots a giant ship that's powered by a giant finger, and is haunted by said eldritch void god/demon/whatever. However, I suppose in the heat of the moment he would totally be able to be a good leader.
  5. Send pics of the man in the wall, preferably creepy ones, or whatever. The little s**t just annoys me from time to time.
  6. The thing about the man in the wall is, he looks like your operator, but you can kinda,see that something isn't right(other than the eyes). He's more expressive, as well as having a look on his face that seems almost friendly, but yet he tries to scare and mess with us, like some kind child or trickster.
  7. I meant the man in the wall... <sigh>
  8. Send pictures of your psycho void demon aka the man in the wall. Preferably creepy ones, or times hes showed like, during a cutscene even.
  9. If you leave or get kicked from your clan, do you lose the railjack or does it stay with you?
  10. What if he didn't have one, and just messes with your mind making you feel like you are not ever safe, no matter how many weapons that are capable of genocide you have, or how intimidating or fearsome you look, there is something that will forever be able to reach out and bring out fear within you.
  11. ....????? I meant something to make him creepier but ok.
  12. Does anyone got a few ideas for wally that you think the dev's should add? Honestly, I really think that he should be able to pop up in missions, following you, and hanging out in spots where he could be really creepy. What if he popped up in the plains or Orb Vallis? It would also be neat if, whenever he gets another shot at spooking us, he took control of one our frames or start like, flickering the lights. What do y'all think? Also, if you got any good pics, show those off to if ya want.
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