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  1. Right now I only have 4 available with 3 of them being Lith and one Axi. What happened to the Neo and Meso Void Fissures? EDIT: Nvm it's fixed now.
  2. I heard it takes two of them to take out an Exo's shield, is this true without any ordinance boost Avionics? Also is Tycho Seeker MKIII the most useful ordinance against Exo Skold Shield's or is there a better alternative?
  3. Honesty, I'm not sure. Maybe a base damage buff? Plus I'm not saying all weapons should be equal but that it shouldn't take such a grind to get a decent weapon. Every weapon should at least be good against lvl 30-50 enemies if they have max/high lvl damage and chance mods without needing any forma or potatoes. Also I think every Kuva and Prime weapons should only need max damage and chance mods as well as max Multishot without the need to forma (Only need potato) to be good against high level enemies. Only lesser weapons should take multiple forma and potato (And maybe a riven for the really low weapons) to be good.
  4. I wouldn't say it's that easy since you have to beat Kuva Liches which are generally high level enemies. I think the surrounding weapons should get a buff instead of nerfing the Bramma. It's too hard to get a decent weapon these days.
  5. Doesn't that mean the Kuva Bramma wasn't too effective since it didn't break the status quo in that regard?
  6. The Bramma wasn't too effective. From my experience you still had to Forma it multiple times or potato it for it to be effective against high lvl enemies. Considering it's a Kuva Lich weapon it should've been as effective as it was before the recent update.
  7. It's the right way to make sure people continue to play Railjack missions because not much people play them these days and I'm sure the player count will continue to decrease unless something like this is done. Of course this will require needed improvements to Railjack missions/content as a whole for this to work.
  8. I'm aware of PC versions being unable for crossplay, I'm talking about console versions specifically.
  9. Assuming Warframe gets released on next gen consoles. I think the console versions (Be it current gen specific or not) having crossplay are needed because the player count feels like it'll be too low sooner or later, especially with all the content this game has. Console versions specifically no PC version.
  10. I got a riven mod for the gun which pretty much makes it my main now. I am able to somewhat use it like I would a normal weapon but the hip fire is a bit too inaccurate for my taste, especially when sliding. Any mods or tips that can help improve this?
  11. To be honest I only think it should be added for the element for immersion like you said, but I thought people would find it pointless without some sort of buff to go with that immersion.
  12. So that's part of the lore? I'm sure they can make up lore based reasons for why they can eat. Eating can be not needed for survival for Operators but still something they can do.
  13. It should function like this: You gather ingredients in the open world areas and have an extra section for the Operator customization menu called "Eating" where you summon cooking/eating equipment and choose which food to cook/eat and see your operator eat it after it's cooked. This should also grant you buffs befitting eating like less energy consumption e.t.c. I think it's the only thing the Orbiter is missing at this point.
  14. What made it not what it used to be outside promises?
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