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  1. Have you tried pressing the H button ? it's used to shift the camera to the left or the right shoulder of your warframe.
  2. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Grinding towards defeating my first ever Kuva Lich by killing thralls. VISUAL: N/A as my computer isn't strong enough to run screen record simultaneously with warframe running. REPRODUCTION: N/A EXPECTED RESULT: After killing 50 thralls, I expect to find out all 3 requiem mods needed to on my parazon to defeat my first ever Kuva Lich. OBSERVED RESULT: After killing 50 thralls, I have only one requiem mod unlocked to be needed on my parazon, aka, same murmur result almost every single time. REPRODUCTION RATE: It happens always with no stop even after system restarts without me even wanting to replicate the issue.
  3. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: I have been grinding for murmurs/finding out the exact combination of requiem mods needed on my parazon to kill my kuva lich. I have killed atleast 50 thralls and ONLY got ONE out of THREE requiem mod information, region chat says its a bug and I think so too, as it's the same thing over and over again 24/7 and it's ruined my days. VISUAL: Cannot because: A) PC is not strong enough to run screen recording software whilst playing warframe, and pictures are quite redundant. B) The description is self explanatory. REPRODUCTION: No Idea, happened since the time I got my first kuva lich. EXPECTED RESULT: If you somehow replicate the conditions, then you'd get the same murmur result even after killing a hundred thralls. OBSERVED RESULT: I have only gotten a single murmur result despite killing a ton of thralls. REPRODUCTION RATE:It happens constantly. Tried all basic troubleshooting tactics.
  4. I concur ! He maybe the ONLY fatframe we may ever get, it'd be nice to have him polished overall but most importantly.... his damn crotch ! It's fine if the helmet doesnt get reworked because nightwave may introduce easy to acquire alternatives but if I were to change anything about his helmet, his horns would be my first concern.... ffs they arent even the same length xD Then you sir are not me xD nor every single wf friend that I have pointed out the 'belt' to ! But to each his own ^ _ ^ Shameless plug is shameless. Jkjk xD, also you should realize things like appearance is very subjective, what may look like something to a million people may look like something else to a single other person. So far out of all 48 people I've met irl and talked to about his crotch and overall design, all of them A see his crotch in a disgusted way now and B agrees that he needs some polishing. Also guys overall, please don't think I'm dissing DE, I really love Warframe and DE, latter more than the former sometimes. But this is called the feedback section, and what I've suggested is an honest ( yet a really meme-worded ) post. I really hope that DE gets to reworking his looks because I really was excited to see a fatframe get into the game, no joke I literally only started playing warframe again JUST because of the announcement along with gauss, so if it doesn't mean nothing to you, this aint the post for you. But for the people that have similar outlooks on all this, stick around and try and make it apparent to DE. Would love to but still need to reach arbitration, and before you say it I dont go get warframes based on their ratings on tier lists or META-ness, I go get em because of how the look or how they are described to be/characterized. If you do, then it's fine, warframe is MEANT to be played in different ways with different mindsets and end goals ^ _ ^.
  5. You act like that's easy to do xD. Bruh_Momento.mov I do.I make/imagine Warframes like characters/ I characterize them quite a bit, I do that by going deep into how they look. For example, I made my Limbo Prime look like a High Class sheriff whereas Mesa Prime is a counter to him by being a menacing bandit. Fashion framing and having a story behind the looks are the only reason I ever go get the Warframes I do, as I like enacting their characters. Yeah I can't unsee it neither and it's impossible for me to like him anymore. As I replied to a dude above, I like Imagining what a Warframe is like as a human/characterizing them and I do so by looking at every single detail of their looks. Also his horns aren't the same length.
  6. I'll keep this short and to the point. I love Grendel. Not because he is an amazing Warframe or anything, but because of his body type, I always wanted one C H U N K Y Warframe because we had everything from skinny ( Nezha ) to buff ( Rhino ) to extra t h i c c ( Wisp ). Now I don't find Grendel's body type or look as a whole bad, just ONE spot and it just looks gross. His crotch. Pardon my french, but it looks like over-extended foreskin. If DE can somehow rework that and not put it behind a plat payment ( aka a deluxe skin or something ), that would be nice. I always wanted to play as a big boi Warframe but that crotch area just makes me go far far away. Also ruins fashion framing. I know there is a high chance DE may not see this but goddamnit I wish they do because I really just wanna play as a fat character because I too am ( SURPRISE ) xtra thicc, so to see all my friends have Warframes that loosely fit their look and I just sit here with Foreskin Man..... it sucks xD That's why I stick to rhino instead. Please DE I'm sure it may feel a minuscule change but i'm pretty sure it'll be an improvement in everyone's eyes.
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