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  1. I can recommend Dojo Planer. Realy great for planing your Dojo.
  2. Das ganze passiert immer sofort. Keine Freischaltung oder sonstiges. Man stellt was ein, es ist da. Kenne es nicht anders. Kann es sein das du unter der Kaufgesuche Liste bist für das Teil? Oder hast du es bei deiner Profilübersicht auch nicht drin? Empfehlen kann ich deren Discord - https://discord.gg/M7BHnPS Da bekommst du auch rasch Antwort. Außer du nutzt die App , die ziemlicher Müll ist (zumindest iOS) und außer mal zum Nachrichten abrufen eigentlich nicht zu gebrauchen ist. Die App ist von Drittanbieter, da kann dir auf Market auch keiner weiter helfen. Sollte das so sein
  3. It is allowed. I trade Parts by myself, also Clan Members. All good. Works fine. Can not iamgin, that only PC and PSW4 can trade them and XBox not. Maybe a trading Bug (one of a few :) ).
  4. The „wild“ do not drop anymore. The Parts you need can be get in the Isolation Vault. I manage to get all Parts Or trade with other Players.
  5. If you convert him, you get the Ephemera (if he has one) and can trade him with other Players. To get the Weapon, you need to kill him.
  6. To bad you are not on PS4, there i can help with pleasure. 😞
  7. The hunting in Cambion Drift is broken. I decide to take a break and let DE time to hopefully fix that. Atm its very annoying.
  8. Support say the Problem is solved, never receive anything. You are not alone.
  9. Thx for the fast Hotfixes. The Hunts and K-Drive was crap in Orb Valis and here they are the same. I go to the marker, can not start the Hunt. I follow the track, ends in nothing. Same as in Orb Valis. Unequip the Lure and equip it again, no Hunting Spots. And when i reach finaly a Spot and lure them, they not appear. 2 damn spots for Avichaea, one not working at all, the other, if i manage to get so far, dont briong anything because nothing showing up. But put this S!"? as a requirement in the Game. And if i try a other species, well, they not work too. Yeaaaayyy..
  10. Du weißt das Lichs im Dojo über den Purpurnen Raum gehandelt werden, nicht über den Handelsposten selbst¿ Und nur Konvertierte Lichs können gehandelt werden.
  11. 1 is a small thing, like a USB Stick. Maybe easy to overlook. And look behind this Spotlights. I search 3 tuimes the whole Place because the light dazzles me. After the third time, i take my time and check all with aptient and found the last one behind one of this Spotlights.
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