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  1. Enemy who are in the Dome have a higher Chance to drop extra Loot. But what drops you get, is rng. Maybe one run you get more Endo. RJ brings a lot of Endo. But if you want to farm it in normal Missions, make a Groupe with Nekros and maybe Hidroid too.
  2. In PoE during the Eidolon Hunt, after switching to Operator and back in to the Frame, no actions are possible. I can not shoot, not switch to operator, no jumping, only to call the Archwing was possible. Was hoping the Bug is fixed, but now after U30, the Bug still in Game.
  3. They are in Orb Valis. Not sure if they spawn random, but i see them from time to time on different places. Sometime not far away from the Lift.
  4. TYPE: In-Game Bug DESCRIPTION: After Host Migration, i can not switch Weapons anymore or use Meele.
  5. TYPE: In Game DESCRIPTION: Railjack Missions REPRODUCTION: Do Railjack Mission, start the Mission and invite in the Mission someone. OBSERVED RESULT: Can not finish the Mission regulary. Enemys stops spawning (VS Greineer, no Crew Ships, VS Corpus, no Crew Ship). REPRODUCTION RATE: ? I do the invite 2 times and both times the same bug. TYPE: In Game DESCRIPTION: In Railjack Missions, Battlemods are not showing up and not can be used. Leaving the Groupe, regroupe and start the Mission, the bug stay. Only the Pilot can use the Battle Mods, not the Crew Member i
  6. TYPE: In-game Bug DESCRIPTION: Pluto Proxima, Mission Obolo. I finish 20 Waves Defense and after returning to the Railjack, i can not access the Star Map. Everithing was done i i need to abort the Mission. No way out there.
  7. TYPE: Warframe Bug/unintentioned camera function DESCRIPTION: After the Hotfix 30.0.1 (PS4), the camera do not work in the new Corpus Ships / Missions. I can not fully look up, but when i look down, the cam goes more then intentioned. Here a Pic. Upper 2 are in the Dojo (left look up, right look down), the other 2 in the Corpus Ship (left look up, right look down). Pushed to max, i can not look up in the new Missions/Corpus Ship, but it goes to much when i look down). [url=https://ibb.co/8XhRgcs][img]https://i.ibb.co/9GMfHtg/WF.png[/img][/url] REPRODUCTION RATE: Can not reproduce it atm.
  8. Vaska and Smmeeta/Adraza, very nice. Happends when you combine different Gen Codes. Takes me long time to get on with just the Head and Tail from a Smeeta/Adraza and Vasca Body. And to have a Smeeta of course. Like the Body from Vasca.
  9. Depends on what the BP is worth for you. If you are ok with the Price, fine. If not, do not buy. Simple. To see whats the actually Price, take a look to Warframe.Market. Then you know what the most are taking for X or Y BP.
  10. All Story Frames (or from Sidequests) or the BPs from Quests can be obtained from Cephalon Simaris in every Releais.
  11. @ShadowStarx1 The Rotation or Rank is (when Solo, 25 more for every Squad Member): - Rotation/Rank A/1 = 25 Kills - Rotation/Rank B/2 = 50 Kills - Rotation/Rank C/3 = 75 Kills. For 2 Players, Rota C is 100 Kills, for 3 then 125 and a full Squad 150 Kills.
  12. After completing The War withing, you get the BPs for the Broken Scepter and Orvius, and the Personal Quarters Segment. Have you take a look unter Communication¿ Sometime Messages not pop up and you see them when you check them by your self. Check the Foundry if you have the BP there. Maybe you do not notice it. Thats the only Ideas what i have atm.
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