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  1. Its like farming Holo Keys with….35%? or 37%? I have not one and let the bs grind for good. For me, the worst thing to grind.
  2. Because its a chance to get one. This is why using the change of getting 2 Codes (Scanner upgrade from Simaris) helps a lot. Sometimes you get no Codes, other time you get almost from every Cat. Prais to the RNG God. :)
  3. Nope. I edit my post and tells you what the Problem is and where to get them.
  4. Nope. Had over 100 codes from Scans. You need the Kavats from Deimos Mission (the one arround like Phlegyas or Horend), not PoE! PoE are Vascas, you need Wild Kavats.
  5. Its always the highest % x 1,1. So you have one with 40% and one with 50, the Infusion gives you 55%. 50x1,1=55%
  6. Solo is not so hard with Necramech and something for armor stripping. It will probably take more time, but good equipped, no prob.
  7. On Fortuna, the little Bases (who you need to defend) was like i do it. 2x XP Event and Booster, works great. Thermal Fractures is another good way. Bounty 2 gets hard realy fast and i loos to many times my Mech, so i end up with getting the Base. Rotate every Base until i was done, no stress.
  8. If its work, then for sure not work now. For PT, Fortuna max. is needet. Have one a few Weeks ago who dont know it and was kicked after the Mission start. No need to hurry. Gyromag drops iirc from the second Bounty from the back room. Just play it until you get it (and check the rewards, but i am pretty sure it can be a reward there). AMP Part is only the Certus from Little Duck interessting. 123 do it. After you get where you can buy it, 127 will do the Job if you have no Group and just want to hunts some Eidolons. 177 can be great to. But for the start, i can recommend 123 and then 127.
  9. He need Lvl. 5 in Fortuna to get access (and do the 3 Bountys for the PT). Otherwise, all who have not reach Lvl. 5 in Fortuna gets kicked from the Groupe when you enter the Elevator.
  10. Cheap Weapons with low % can be Sold over the Time, but almost nobody buy 25% or 30%. 50%+ can bring 50 plat (+/-), Ephemera brings the most. There is no point in buying lich/sister without anything of interest. But i sold my lichs relatively fast over wfm.
  11. Use Ash or Ivara f.e., go stealth. The Sister do not attack you if he cant see you.
  12. Try WF Market. There are 2 Sellers (70 and 75 plat.). Maybe you can get the Systems from one of them. Hydoid needs a rework and do not shin this days. So the Price is moderate because vaulted and gold drop.
  13. Sydicate Mission brings you Medallions and you can rise over the Daily Cap (if you want). Or, if you dont want to play normal Mission but get Standing (fe not time to play too long), you choose a few Sydicate Missions.
  14. There is no Price List. You have (after convert you Lich) a Weapon with 50%. Around 40 - 50p without Ephemera (i do not see one on the Screen). Depend on your luck. Maybe you can get more if you are lucky. I usualy pay around 60-70 for 55+. That is for me ok for just the Weapon. You can ask for 200. Thats not the Problem. Just need the one who pay it. After the Nukor nerf, its not so „desired“ like before. So if you are not too lucky, not be disapointed if it takes some time to sell it.
  15. Contact Support. The best what can he do and where he can find help.
  16. Its a litle bit too late because you build many Rooms, but Dojo Planer is a great Tool to plan your Dojo and share with others, then build it. I like a symmetrical design. But Teleporters helps to get where you need, fast travel too.
  17. WF durchgespielt….das kann man so nicht sagen. Das Spiel lässt dir relativ frei was du machen willst. Ziele setzt du dir selbst. Ruf bei den Syndikaten und bei den Fraktionen in den offenen Welten, Eidolons jagen, Profiteintreiber legen, alle Frames farmen, Mastery Rank 30 bzw. 31 schaffen, Steelpath, Schiedsgericht oder Lichs - es gibt genug zu tun. Es liegt bei dir was du daraus machst. Dieses Jahr kommt dann noch „Der neue Krieg“, was weiter Story liefert. Nach den durchspielen der Sternenkarte, hast du alles frei und kannst überall hin. Sollte man relativ frühzeitig erledigen um dann nach und nach den Rest anzugehen.
  18. If you play on XBox, you change the GT (thats your WF Name too) and so, its XBox wide and in WF too.
  19. Depending on what you play, some Frames help more then others. F.e. Spy - Ivara. Mobile Def. - Limbo, Defense - Khora. The Builds do not change. We are getting nerfs, some funny Mods and Arcanas, thats all. Meele stays like before. Difference - good Meeles stays good, not so good are now bad. We get a smaller amount of what we should use. For Weapons, Brama, Zarr, Phantasma or Trumna are great or good. Nukor stays good, bur now we need to shake the cursor. The changes made it all here and there a litle bit slower an less smoother, but do not realy change something. For that, DE must rework the Weapons. Furax (with Amalgam Mod) and Tonkor are great. Kuva Version on Toxic destoy every Corpus. Just play a lilte bit around and try some things. Stay with good Weapons (Gram, Kronen Prime, Nami Skyla Prime), they stay good after nerf. And use your Frame Abilitys. Limos Rift, Rhinos Iron Skin, Ivaras invisibility, that all makes SP a walk in the Park.
  20. They all cost the same amount of reputation. So, there are almost the same prices. Most trade them for the other Syndicates. The Weapons brings some plat, but cost more. You can make plat over the Time. In my opinion, not realy a difference what you bring up.
  21. I take Saryn and spread the Spores. Works wonderfull.
  22. Not sure if it works before. Works for the Sisters, not for the Lichs. Litle bit strange. But a realy a difference….i do not observe on the Sisters. The new reduction feels bad and time consuming. For me, its like playing Destiny Strikes and Nightfall Strikes in the past. Bullet Sponges Enemys.
  23. Sure, but all the Mods with a low drop chance do not takes me 100+ hours of farming the same. This is why i say, i never find something, that was the same bs. I have the damn Mod. But a satisfy grind (like ….don’t remember who say it in one of the Dev Stream) is that for sure not. This drop chance is a bad bad joke. Not farming for use it, farming to have it in the List. With RJ revised its getting more attention. But realy, that (and many other things too) needs a change. RJ revisited, but forgotten drop chance. This is realy disapointing. Sure, some others get 4 in 2 hours. I wish GL for everyone who try to get it.
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