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  1. The new Corpus Ship tileset's reactor has, apparently, two slots where the fuel/coolant cells can be introduced. However, when we interact with the one that's market for the reinsertion of the cell, the animation doesn't actually show the cell going into it. The cell simply appears in the *other* slot on the other side of the reactor. Here is a video explaining what I mean. I this one I am reinserting the fuel cell into the reactor.


    As you can see, it doesn't go into the right slot. It goes into the other one.

  2. As the title says, several textures are missing from both the Grineer Specimens and the Worker Drones experimenting on them inside the Sea Lab Tileset's Cloning Tanks. Here are some screenshots.

    This one shows missing facial textures for the worker drones (they used to have Grineer faces).


    The next one shows that, in addition to the drones' faces, the texture is missing on the specimen's exposed arms and legs:


  3. The datamass drops from one of the enemies in the base and it is used to unlock the base for further Orb Vallis missions. However, upon leaving the base for a while and coming back, not only do the hostiles respawn inside the (already captured) base, but they also drop a new Datamass. Like in the picture below:


    The base is Blue, Captured, yet a datamass has recently dropped from a killed enemy. This eventually leads to the place being littered with datamasses after several missions.

  4. Hi! I'm LordPreda on PC. I'm gonna be looking through this thread and gifting what I can afford.

    If anyone wants to buy me anything, I would any of the following:

    - Necramech Bruntspar skin

    - Vitam Syandanna

    - Smoke, Ice, Lotus, Orokin or Clasic Color Pickers

    - Shock-camo skin pack

    - Iliac Armor Bundle

    - Xaku's Kintsu alt-helmet

    - Forma 3-packs

    - Riven Mod Slots

    - Lavos, if anyone is feeling *really* generous

    Happy holidays!

  5. uxy8fanxjz061.png

    The inventory icons and Prex Cards both label the catfish-like one (top two pics) as Lobotriscid and the long worm-like one (bottom two pics) as Flagellocanth. In-game they are flipped. The wormlike one is called Lobotriscid and the catfish one is called Flagellocanth (and the Luminous Dye doesn't highlight it) unlike in the Prex and Inventory pictures.

  6. 7 minutes ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

    At that time in January, we’ll have a post up about our plans for Nightwave based on 3 Series of experience (one of which endured a pandemic)!

    I certainly hope people at DE haven't been discouraged by the overblown negative comments about the Glassmaker series. I personally loved it (and the ending bossfight) very much. Nihil was a great villain! It might be that interactive investigation events aren't the best way to go forward, and more cutscene-like story dioramas like Series 1 and 2 would be less finnicky. But I personally really enjoyed the investigative aspect and I always love the chance to learn more about the world and lore of the game. I also want those clue items we found in series 3 as decorations for my ship.

    So please, whatever angry comments might say, please don't retire Nightwave. Expand it, iterate further and improve on it. But it's the right way to go!

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  7. This has been a bug since before the Heart of Deimos update. Basically, despite having the necessary level with the syndicates and the Creator Mode being disabled, the face shutters dont open during communications (though they do open when you talk to the character in-person) and we get this:


    Note that I'm Old Mate with SU. This shouldnt be happening.

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  8. I really love the new Open World. Very impressive looking and the worms-as-day-cycle idea is great! Would it be possible to have the current Worm be displayed somewhere in the Necralisk so people can coordinate better?

    Also I kinda wish the Necramechs that roam around the Drift were more than just occasional set-dressing. Wouldn't it be fun to have some Bounties that center around mechs, maybe retrieving them or bringing them in for repairs?

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