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  1. Haven't use Motus Setup much because I don't use shotgun but it's good from what little I've use it. Motus Impact is crippled by the fact the aerial melee is mostly pointless, atm. Signal is fun to hop around with but that's about it; maybe someone can find some use for it that I can't. But I love Proton set; All three of them. Latch wall, kill enemies, zipping across the room to another wall, occasionally leaping down to use my boosted Gas melee, then go back on the wall. Aero set seem to be design specifically for Komorex. These new set are worth using for sure if you are willing to change your play-style. If not then they're just not worth using.
  2. Did you have non-buffed mote on you, get EC buff, cast a new Reservoir and doesn't get the buffed value by any chance? The way it work right now is that picking up the mote will only refresh the duration instead of giving you a new mote. You have to get rid of the weaker mote first if you want a buffed mote.
  3. I fail to see how is this different from what my suggestion is? Especially when you said "allow replacement based on which one you pass through." I'm not suggesting having highest strength being the universal value in the session. I'm saying that If you have 150% strength mote on you and you pick up 200% strength mote, you'll now have 200% strength mote. If you don't walk in and pick up the stronger mote you'll maintain the weaker mote.
  4. Can we have stronger Reservoirs override the weaker motes? Right now if you have a higher strength Reservoirs and you have a weaker mote on you the stronger one just refresh the duration of the weaker mote. I have to wait for the weaker mote to expire or find an out of bound area to remove them if I want the stronger buff.
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