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  1. You mean Primed Ammo Stock? If you have +100% mag on Tigris, you'll have 4 ammo. So you can do 2 cycle per reload.
  2. If it has conclave symbol, then it's only for conclave. The one that can be use in PvE will have a 'diamond' symbol. So damage convert ones cannot be used in PvE.
  3. If there's a bat wings. I wish we can have separate customization for Equinox's 2 forms. (Won't be happening, I know. I'm just wishing we could.) Eros on one form. Bat wings on another.
  4. Unlike beam length which only increase the range that you can hit a target, explosion radius actually increase the dps because it can hit more targets. Also if we're going with increase AoE = Exilus, shouldn't punch through mods be up for it too? Punch though is pretty much the same as AoE radius increased, in a sense that they both allow you to hit more enemies, just in a different way.
  5. They said when they changed Gara Splinter Storm that making toggle can cause more problem and that why they decided against it. So I don't think the chance of us getting toggle for this is favorable, as much as I would want a toggle.
  6. Mobile Defense reliably spawn them for me. Every time I do Kuva Siphon mission on MD nodes, I always get at least a couple of them.
  7. Speedy Vauban in the background got a chuckle out of me
  8. Been having this problem too. I can't see the other player but they can see me, so I need them to initiate the trade, if I want to use the trading post. The workaround I've been using is to just set up shop and have them interact with me directly.
  9. You can get away with low efficiency on him if you are using Rage or Hunter Adrenaline. With his armor buff and Renewal healing, you'll no problem with energy while keeping Renewal permanently on. Unless, of course, you like to run back and fourth through Grineer magnetic door for fun.
  10. That's suck and all but it's pug, people come and go as they please. Slightly off topic because I'm genuinely curious. Is this a regional thing? If not then I must have been incredibly lucky because I rarely ever ran into problem like this in pug.
  11. Yes, please. It would be a good dance emote for once.
  12. I'm using Ultimatum and it got stretched too.
  13. Since the update to allow various prime frames to fully remove their prime details. Thought it'd be a good time to bring this up again.
  14. I unironically want Dismal Lotus. I will pay for that man to voice his disappointment and low expectation of me.
  15. I was about to make fun of OP hating Kawaii Yareli. But people freaking out over OP not liking Kawaii Yareli are just as equally cringe. lol. I'm looking forward to my beloved Magnus the most. It has always been the sidearm I went back to. And Deluxe and Prime Accessory. Mainly for the Syandana, somehow I don't care much for the mech skin. It looks nice but I barely play with mech.
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