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  1. Personally, I will NEVER like Railjack until they take guns away from the pilot except when solo, as well as making some other changes to actually force team-based play. Sorry Soloers but Warframe is a squad based game. Solo play is there as a courtesy, not a primary option. It's probably a silly gripe but I'm very fraggin' tired of people whining that gunners can't hit anything...when the pilot is trying to dogfight in a gunship, making aiming as a gunner near impossible. Then they (the pilot) whine when we dip out in our Archwings, because there's no one on the ship but the pilot
  2. Ok, but exactly what do you mean by skill rewarding? Weak spots reward skill by requiring you to aim instead of just drop nukes or spray-and-pray as well as utilizing mobility. Immunity phases, especially those that reflect damage, promote skill by requiring you to properly time your attacks. Armor scaling rewards skill by requiring you to set up a balanced load out and properly mod for armor stripping... So I'm curious, what do YOU mean when you suggest "skill rewarding gameplay"?
  3. As others have stated, it gets really wonky when people start bringing mechs. Personally I never liked the idea anyway so maybe I'm biased (if I wanted to play mechwarrior, I would) but almost every time there's a game breaking bug in Deimos for me, there's also some guy stomping around in one of those ugly things. Mech code needs a rework and so does their design. (I often find the rest of the squad having to carry the mech user because it's just too slow and often a well modded frame and weapon combo can shred much faster than a mech anyway).
  4. So, Ive noticed a LOT of people (admittedly, mostly tryhards that think 2 hour survival is a valid metric against which to judge the game, but still...) Complaining that WF needs more difficult content. These same people however, also complain about boss fight mechanics (invulnerability phases, weak-spots, invulnerability to status) and armor scaling. Yet I'm confused. What do these people expect? IMHO a major part of the problem are also the very things that people claim to love about WF: Mobility, nuke frames and customization. In a game where everyone can hop around like a coked
  5. I'm glad you're currently min a position to solo one of the biggest boss.battles.in WF history, but sadly, I am not. I've done dozens of TriVault runs, probably just as many of the T2 bounties (the one that calls scintillant a *LMAO* "common" reward) and I've gotten a whopping 3 scintillant since the Deimos upsate went live. (Thought it was one but I checked a few minutes ago and I guess it had babies, because I religiously check my mission rewards and don't remember finding the other two.) I've heard they spawn near the roof when fighting necromechs but that they also respawn when
  6. It's been said before, it will be said again, ad nauseum, until DE fixes this: Make scintillant easier to farm...or fix whatever bug is keeping it from dropping/spawning. #ThatIsAll
  7. I have never heard a valid argument against such a system. They all basically boil down to some lame excuse about interaction (because nothing says meaningful interaction more than spamming "WTS: *ITEM* - $" for an hour only to finally find a buyer and spend 30 seconds together in a dojo or Maroo's bazaar.) or some petulant, almost childish "we don't wanna!" Kind of reasoning. Sadly however, DE has made it abundantly clear that they don't care about player convenience. Probably because they feel that if selling items for plat is a PITA, maybe people will just buy it.
  8. Yes. Virtually no one plays it, the people who do are so toxic they make TF2 players seem genuinely polite,it can never be properly balanced and it goes against the apparent warframe philosophy of squad warfare against hordes of enemies...not each other. Not to mention the whole p2p multiplayer system DE uses is not conducive to pvp...
  9. Too lazy to read all the replies but just in case it hasn't been mentioned: Never use son, daughter or father tokens themselves for standing.trade them for grandmother tokens and then use THOSE for standing. You'll get much better returns. Mother tokens are pretty low as well, but you get like 30 or 40 of them sometimes per bounty so they add up quick. Who cares if they're only 100 standing when you can trade in 100 at a time,no sweat? Otherwise though, I totally agree with the points made though I do have to say, it's still better than trying to do conservation runs in orb valis,
  10. I've seen this "scales infinitely" drivel a few times...but I don't believe it. Invisibility is kinda useless when Bombards are nuking everything or nullifiers are taking up half the map... Decoy dies in .03 seconds on anything higher than level 20 enemies radial disarm or irritating disarm are ok, but the radiation proc doesn't last long and a rush of melee enemies can still be deadly. Plus let's not forget that enemies attack each other with feathers beyond level 30. So unless you're just running away, or can actually depend on your squad to kill, there's no reason to use it. Cuz
  11. Sorry, but I'm with the OP on this one. Settings changes don't have any impact on hosts bailing. Warframe is not a game that's meant to be played solo and virtually no one wants to spend 20 minutes recruiting unless absolutely necessary. If you're the host of the mission you have a responsibility to the other players to not screw them over and I'd much rather have the occasional disconnect punished unnecessarily, than continue with this plague of hosts feeling like they can just dip out whenever they want to.
  12. AFAIK: Arbitration only protects enemies shielded by the drones from abilities...so I don't see how it would effect a pet precept. So yes, it should work in arbitrations.
  13. Honestly I find that Deimos open world stuff (fishing, mining, conservation) are best done solo and on foot. Deimos seems almost like it's geared to punish people who's sole goal is speed, expediency and efficiency...and honestly I think that's a good thing for an open world zone. So much of warframe gameplay is "rush here, spam this, collect those, lather rinse repeat" and it's annoyingly monotonous after a while. Seems like no.one takes the time to enjoy the situation and immerse themselves in it.
  14. I had an epiphany while reading these comments. First I have to say that the velocipods are cute as 'ell and kinda fun to ride even if they do suffer from all the drawbacks associated with k-drives, AND weird animations when doing tricks. (A glorified dragon fly spinning 360 degrees with forward momentum and then into a barrel roll, just violates the fundamental laws of physics.) I also agree with many other users here that we should be able to keep them, but I have a different idea. Make them a pet. A 100% passive pet that has no attack and no damage dealing precepts....but can use mods
  15. Right now they're a wonderful sign that says "Tap out now, your teammates won't be completing the bounty unless you practically carry them". Bottom line, they're a bad idea both lore-wise (Warframes are already the updated version, or donut seems to be stated in the deimos quests) and future gameplay balance.
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