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  1. Exactly where and when do you see a group of unarmored, unshielded enemies, in close proximity to each other who aren't also, you know, already dead and burning?
  2. No, they're just telling me I'm doing something wrong. Let me describe a typical PoE run for wisps: pick a frame, doesn't usually matter which. Drop in Loot Radar, Thief's Wit and Animal Instinct on my Kavat. Drop into the plains, I try to go at night but sometimes life and timing doesn't let me. Pull up a "farming map" by one of a half dozen other tenno (they're available online) and follow their path, usually on foot because I have no loot mods for my archwings, though sometimes I go Titania for giggles.. Check out absolutely every piece of loot on my map that's close enough to water to be a wisp. Find 0. Get frustrated. Seek out every body of water in the map and walk the perimeter, again, checking every item that shows on my radar. Still 0 wisps. Lather rinse repeat until I'm damned good and tired of dagryns or vomvalysts harassing me, Sprint back to Cetus. 0 wisps found. I've done this probably 50 times since writing this post...and I'm now up to 11 wisps, all of them bounty rewards or accidental finds during teralyst hunts, making me wonder if the teralyst drops them or something...but either way, wandering PoE to farm them IS NOT WORKING. If it's working for others, awesome. Good for you, but let's not assume I'm somehow doing something wrong when I'm following advice and directions perfectly. Perhaps something is broken that only affects me, I don't know, but it seems unlikely. And as others have said as well, even if it did work as intended...it's horrible design. Almost as bad as somachord fragments in Orb Valis...except wisps are actually gameplay related.
  3. Thanks for nothing but let me repeat since you folks obviously did not read my post: I've followed the maps. Day and night. Either my PoE is constantly bugged or those maps are WRONG. There is never a whisp where those maps claim there should be. Ever. During a bounty, not during a bounty. Pub group or solo. Never. So either you folks are out of date, full of S#&$, or there is something screwed up on DE's end that prevents them from spawning... Either way, I know how to farm and I've followed the maps, whatever it is, isn't my fault. And none of this changes the fact that none of this monotonous, boring, open world wandering should be required for something DE is seemingly trying to popularize. It's counter-intuitive.
  4. Before anyone replies: Yes I've checked the farming routes. Yes I've done the whole fly around next to water with huge loot radar, yes I have a general idea of where they spawn (right along shore lines) and yes, I've tried both solo and group, day and night... And despite all this, I've acquired 3, yes a total of 3 cetus wisps in the last 2 months. One I got from a bounty and 2 as incidental pickups while eidolon hunting. All I'm saying here is that if DE really wants people to delve into operator mode and start using amps, they're going to have to soften the grind significantly.
  5. ...killed my first lich today (many thanks to the team that carried me through the kill, by the way, I mercied the larvling, not knowing what I was getting into) and got an the electric ephemera but I got really lucky (according to the wiki.) I agree though that some indicator of whether or not the lich will have one, should be present. The lich system is really unpleasant already even after the fixes, there's no need to make it even grindier. Also, am I the only one who thinks that after all the time and effort spent hunting and killing a lich, that their weapon should come pre-potatoed? They do it for quest items...my broken staff of uselessness has one...but not my kuva tonkor?
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