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  1. This, so much. In the year I've been playing Warframe, I've only seen Ticker sell Familial Debt-Bonds maybe three times. I get that it's an incentive to do Fortuna bounties, but then you factor in RNG and/or the fact that you can't replay a bounty when you've cleared it (I think, I could be wrong)... yeah, some of us don't have the time to grind bounties out on the Valis. :/ Especially since for Switch players, being out in Orb Valis often leads to the dreaded host migration mid-mission. Had that happen at least 5 times during 2 bounties yesterday. Not saying they should be permanent addi
  2. Awesome! Now for something to do when I'm not trying to farm BPs for Helminth (or fighting the Duty Finder in a certain MMORPG). :> Thank you again for working hard to get this to us! <3 It's not always easy, but better late than never IMHO!
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