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  1. new art, because uhhhhhh Inaros (Prime) and Baro got me shook
  2. No, every time something comes up about Primes, there's always a few people who bring up a Hydroid Prime trailer. I don't wanna be out of the loop. >:
  3. What is this meme about the Hyrdroid Prime trailer all about? I'm slow. :V Anyways... kinda glad I didn't trade for Hydroid Prime parts now, tbh.
  4. Same! I'm set in my ways and am a Fulmin user 99% of the time, but the Zenith is an amazing weapon and is my backup when I know the Fulmin ain't gonna cut it. Plus, it just looks cool. ❤️
  5. Good point! Like, Nezha Prime isn't tied to any particular NPC, so he wouldn't trigger anything (i.e. special dialogue and/or a special mission), but the next 4 Primes after him (Octavia, Gara, Nidus, and Harrow) possibly could from a Lore standpoint. The ones after that? Well... barring Revenant (and Protea in a couple years, lmao), not so much.
  6. It's pretty common knowledge at this point that if you visit Baro Ki'Teer as Inaros, you get a few Frame-specific lines from him. With new lines for Inaros Prime (and something significantly more), it got the rusty gear wheels in my head a'turning. Why not implement special lines from various NPCs in regards to certain Frames? Mainly, the Quest-related ones that tie in a particular NPC to a Warframe, or NPCs that have a connection to an unseen one in the Frame's lore? In the case of the Syndicates, maybe the NPCs could be nicer/less hostile towards the Frame in question (like expressing disappointment, but not outright hostility). Examples of possible ones could be: Titania/Titania Prime and Amaryn Nidus and Ergo Glast Harrow and Palladino Revenant and Nakak Khora and Smokefinger/Teasonai (because Sigor Savah: Smokefinger helped Sigor escape with Venari, iirc, and Teasonai knew Sigor) Octavia and Cephalon Suda Protea and Nef Anyo (i.e. he has special background lines in The Index if they are using her there and you've finished Deadlock Protocol) and/or The Treasurers Chroma/Chroma Prime and Cephalon Simaris Those are just off the top of my head. I realize that recording lines = money, and I totally get if it's not feasable. But little things like that make for neat experiences. It'd be even better if they could get special missions like Baro has with Inaros Prime, but again, I totally understand if it's not feasable or w/e. Just thought I'd put that out there, because I'm a sucker for lore drops like those, haha!
  7. OMG, you guys went and did it. I will for sure have an Inaros Prime at Baro's next scheduled/normal Relay visit, because I am living for this.
  8. Don't say that! What you might consider "uninteresting" may be really interesting to someone else. As someone who's struggled with similar feelings over the years I've been in and out of various fandoms (and in the general artist community), I won't deny it can be hard to build an audience. Fan fic, regrettably, isn't suited (for lack of a better term, I apologize) for heavily visually oriented social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, or even Tumblr (for those who still use it, anyways), and that's a shame. Make all the jokes one will about fan fic, I have come across some really well-written ones recently that aren't adult or id fic. It's as much of a valid art form as visual works are, IMHO. Having said that, my suggestion would be to maybe have a Twitter account or something, and use it to link to your fan fics on a website (like one you can make on Carrd for free) or on Archive of Our Own. People can retweet your links to your work and it can get noticed that way. (Snazzy thumbnails also get attention, too) Heck, if you did that, I'd be happy to signal boost your stuff to my followers, too. We all lift together, after all! (Sorry... I just get really upset when I see someone discouraged. Yeah, it can be hard, but you never know if you don't at least try.)
  9. Thank you so much! ❤️ I've been using a grayscale base for values and then color over it (which can take a couple different layers, depending on what I want to do). It's admittedly a pretty quick and dirty way of doing it, but hey, it works for me, haha! (And man, don't remind me... I've got a pan of watercolors that I sorely need to use. I love digital and traditional materials!) And hahaha, yeah, I ship them in various ways (frenemies, rivals, etc.) so it's not really the traditional 'shipping' per se. I just love the dynamic, tbh.
  10. In my 20+ years of being online and sharing things like fan art and artwork in general, I've struggled to make it over 100 at various places. This in of itself isn't a bad thing (I've generally liked being under the radar, honestly), but as someone who wants to be a part of the program and has a strong love of the game... but also has some social anxiety issues when it comes to social media, it's rather... intimidating. But I totally get why, though, don't get me wrong.
  11. 250 followers at least? I'd love to apply, but I've only got maybe 115-ish on my primary account I use (Twitter). Ouch. Good luck to those who are going to apply!
  12. Back again, hoooooo boy. My entry for the Tennocon Art Show, and since we are allowed to post them ahead of time... here it is! Sands of Inaros is one of my favorite side quests in the game, so this pays homage to it. (tbh, I'm more a fan of Inaros' Anubis helmet, but I went with default for the sake of canonicity) We'll see if they actually show it, though I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't make the cut, there's way better artists out there than I, haha. Master Teasonai getting some much needed peace and quiet from Hok yelling at Pedlek all the time. :V Thanks for looking!
  13. Awwwh man, and I just bought the Desert Skate Floof from Baro. XT But yeeeee, Inaros Noggle! ❤️
  14. Timed perfectly with Baro Ki'Teer's first TennoCon relay visit P O T T E R Y O T T E R Y
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