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  1. Has TennoCon typically been held at the same venue the last couple years? I'd rather go with an Airbnb than a hotel, but I have to make sure it's in close proximity to wherever this is being held, lmao.
  2. I think the awkwardness of chest pieces on female Frames is b/c, by default, they're modeled on Excalibur, so thus they tend to favor masculine and/or androgynous (in the cases of Equinox and Hildryn) body shapes. It's kind of annoying to find a cool chest piece that might flow well with a female Frame (like, say, Mag's deluxe skin) only to have either an underboob that doesn't look right or it sits awkwardly like real-life bolt-ons. :T
  3. Thank you for the letter from Darvo ❤️ Oh, the sigil and a free Ember is nice, too, I suppose.
  4. ^^ THIS. I'd love more Corpus-related items... I think one creator was working on a Corpus-themed skin for a Warframe, to go with another one they made. There's some fun stuff that could be made with the geometric aesthetic, I think. On that note, I wonder if they'll ever open Operator armor/attire for TennoGen, outside of the face items. I'm not really impressed with the options for Operators right now, and I think the community could work wonders in that realm.
  5. Eeeee'yup. The trading system in general is probably my biggest -and so far only- major bone of contention with the game. I'd like to think that maybe an overhaul of it could happen later on down the line, especially for console players, but I'm probably still too much of an optimistic new-ish player, lmao.
  6. You got that right, haha! To be fair, I did trade with a couple lovely people who were extraordinarily patient with me throughout the whole process. If they would have allowed me to give more plat to them in return, I would have done so without question.
  7. If we're on the subject of trading, I do wish the game had some kind of trading/auction market hub like SWTOR. I can understand the logistics of why there isn't, but after my first -and probably last- attempt at trading that took for-freaking-ever due to numerous issues (i.e. social anxiety, not having a USB keyboard, connection issues, managing chat tabs, plat issues)... It was stressful enough that it's put me off trading for a while, at least, until I can figure it all out. Warframe.market is a good idea in theory, but the execution of it has been sorely lacking, if not really awkward/frustrating for console users. I tried to trade for the Mesa Prime BPs I need and a Gram Prime Handle, but I never heard anything back from the people I sent messages to, either on W.M itself or in the game. I'd hazard a guess that's due to the disconnect between PC users and console users (mind, I contacted fellow Switch players), so mmmgh.
  8. I am legit hyped as heck for The Deadlock Protocol, because I am a sucker for anything and everything related to the Corpus... but please, dear Lord, please don't make it yet another Alad V-fest or have him behind the whole thing. It's getting to the point where he's basically Warframe's Red Herring (if anyone has seen 'A Pup Named Scooby-Doo' and augh aughhh I just showed my age) at this point and it'd be nice to see other notable Corpus in action besides Salad (and Nef, for that matter). :T
  9. Wellp, better get my passport for real this time...
  10. Okay, maybe I'm just not looking in the right spot, but I don't see any buttons/commands to move the camera up/down (Ascend/Descend). I think it's been removed entirely. Case in point: here's what it looked like before the update that broke it: And here's what the menu looks like after yesterday's Hotfix: I know, beggars can't be choosers and I'm grateful we got a quick hotfix for this particular error. That said... will the Ascend/Descend be re-implemented back into Captura at some point in the future? Thank you!
  11. The only one out of that bunch I'd fork over for is Wisp. Otherwise... ehhhhh.
  12. Warframe is one of those things that inspires so many ideas for me to draw... unfortunately, my right wrist (also my dominant/drawing hand, ofc) has been hurting BAD lately. Like, searing pain after a couple minutes of drawing a rough sketch, and this one took me all day to finish. D; I got a brace coming, though! Anyhow, here's an alternate outfit idea for Darvo, because why not: I know feathers are not part of the Corpus aesthetic (so spare me the lore breaky lectures, lmao), but I don't think he'd care so long as it looks cool and gets him more sales. XP
  13. Did you not see the whole flap about Fortnite a while back? If memory serves, Sony was adamant about not wanting to do crossplay in general and pretty much dragged their heels about it until they got pilloried over it in the media. I'd presumed that was also the case here, and I suspect that still is a small part of it. And I didn't see how disastrous Railjack was on consoles, because I came back to the game -on the Nintendo Switch- this past Christmas. That stuff completely went over my awareness as a player.
  14. iirc, wasn't Sony dragging their heels/being stubborn about cross-platform play a while back? Even if DE was, by some miraculous feat, able to get cross-platform play to work, PS4 players would likely be left out in the cold b/c of Sony's stubborn af refusal to entertain the idea of playing nice with others. You'd probably have an easier time getting Microsoft and Nintendo both on board to help DE facilitate crossplay between the XB1 and Switch versions. (And seeing as MS and Nintendo are playing nice with each other, that's not entirely out of the realm of possibility) At this point, cross-save is probably the best course of action, esp. with the PS5 and the new Xbox on the horizon. I'd imagine there's the ever present fact DE will likely have to port the game over to both those consoles within the next couple of years, and that they'd probably keep the Sony and MS players happy by allowing them to transfer between consoles with little to no hiccups. But... cross the bridge when they get to it blah blah. And on a purely selfish note, I for one would love to be able to use my Switch account to override my old XB1 account that I stopped using back in 2016. :V
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