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  1. They just dropped Nezha Prime. If they're going to say/show anything about Octavia Prime or Gara Prime, it won't be until at least February next year.
  2. Oh, boy! A Damaged Necramech Weapon Pod drop on my birthday! Just what I always wanted~
  3. Huh. I'm apparently the first Switch-dedicated/focused Creator in the program. Bing bing wahoo intensifies
  4. Yeah, at this point, I'm just hoping the rumors of a more AAA-friendly "Switch Pro" are true, because I'd love to partake in next-gen graphics and better load times, but not have to restart everything from scratch.
  5. In today's Devstream, Steve basically gave the same non-answer he's given every time the issue of crossplay/cross-save comes up: We don't have an answer. iirc, the game is over 7 years old and I've no clue how at least cross-save could work with the current coding, though the PS4/PS5 (and XB1/XB XS) cross-save feature, albeit between the same old-new console, is a promising start. Personally, I don't want to necessarily abandon the Nintendo Switch, but I would like to be able to play on XB XS too... without having to spend ungodly amounts of money just to get back everything I have
  6. I just recently got over having it myself. 0/10, would not recommend to anyone. Seriously though, take care of yourself, get a lot of rest and hydration, and check your temperature and oxygen levels with one of those finger readers.
  7. All I would like to know is this: 1) Cross-Save between platforms when? Seeing as Nintendo is dragging their heels on a mid-gen upgrade to the Switch and I would like to bask in the glow of the new visual updates but not have to respend as much money as I did to get what I have on my Switch account back. I know you get irritated with this question, Steve, but people will keep asking until we get answers lmao 2) Will Deimos Arcana bring Kitguns? For all my irritation with Deimos for the first couple months, I kinda need Deimos Kitguns. For reasons. 3) Will Darvo get a Noggle plee
  8. Well, considering Parvos will be behind the upcoming Corpus "Lich" system (aka his 'Queenpin' Lady Lawyer team, like out of a classic Robert Palmer music video) and supposedly Corpus Railjack (even though Frohd Bek makes more sense for Corpus RJ, but w/e), I'd say including him is getting out ahead of the curve tbh.
  9. Well, since Nekros did a number on this thread, I'm just going to say that in the months since Season 3 started... I really want off of Nihil's Wild Ride now, because there's nothing more irritating than trying to do an intense Iso Vault on Deimos (or Lich Murmurs) and hearing "Hold up, detecting glass resonance..." for the umpteenth time. I don't have voice chat enabled, but I can imagine the others in my squad groaning/facepalming like I do. Nightwave is a good concept, but the pacing really needs to be worked on, much less spawn points for things that tie into Nightwave. For S4, pleas
  10. Ehhhh, I do have to agree. Outside of Wisp, a lot of the recent Warframes are just too busy design and color-wise. The point in time from when Mynki left DE really shows in the Warframes themselves: the more recent they are, the more overdesigned and/or flat-out busy looking they are and thus far more difficult to customize than they should. (Wisp being a lone exception, IMHO: she feels like she could fit in with the original Warframes rather well) This is strictly personal opinion, of course, so YMMV. The simplistic elegance of the first few Primes is what I love the most, but given Nezh
  11. I suspect the current generation shift will (hopefully) be the impetus to get them to take cross-save seriously... when they get back to offices, anyways.
  12. Supposedly/Allegedly, Nintendo has been asking 3rd parties to start implementing 4K into upcoming Switch games, which gives weight to the rumors (that've gained major ground over the last 2 months from several reputable sources, like Forbes) that Nintendo will be putting out a "Switch Pro"-esque upgrade console that has 4K and more horsepower behind it. Whether or not that will cause issues with the current version of the game (i.e. SD cards, possible depreciation of the current version, etc)... we may never know until said rumors are proven accurate.
  13. Day 4: Flight The first three prompts bored me, but this one seemed like fun.
  14. Yeah, same here... got the message yesterday and all the Helminth resources, too. Used a couple to subsume a Frame and uhh, am I in trouble now? D:
  15. Are you sure? I thought the vaulted Prime’s BPs are usually swapped out with the unvaulted ones. I remember this happened with the last couple of them (ie Oberon and Nekros replaced Ash and Vauban). :T
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